Chat Badges - Types of User Badges

In we offer several badges for users inorder to give them special appearnce in the chat room, which differs them from other users. We have special chat badges for each user level. Our chat user levels are Owner, Admin, Moderator, VIP, PRO, Premium, Register User, Regular User

Who gets VIP Account and How to get VIP Account

Only real females get VIP Account in our chat room. There is a reason, why we provide vip accounts only to female users. For more information please check out our vip membership page. To understand vip account in depth check out our blog page.

How to become a chat moderator or admin?

Anyone can be our chat admin or moderator, but you should have certain qualities to be the one. Please check our forum page to understand more about how to become chat admin or moderator.

How to become a PRO User?

To become one of the chat pro members, you have to just lounge yourself and enjoy your time with zozo while meeting listed criteria.

Things to be noted:

How to become a Premium Member?

Currently, this membership is not enabled in our chat rooms. Premium members are only for paid users who are willing to pay for the account on a monthly basis. Premium members will have an option to send a private message to any vip users without limits.