Webmasters : Create Your Own Free Chat Room

Do you know what is cool? Having a free chat room without paying for it. We made it easy for webmasters who seek to have their own chat room in their domain name. If you have the domain? then we got the chat for you. Just copy and paste the code into your website to start your own chat site without spending any fee for licenses, servers, and control panels. It is easy as having your special pie, which is, same as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + P.

Roulette Chat : Free Chat Code

Roulette Chat Sample

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Webmasters Agreement Rules

By using our Roulette Chat code in your website, you have to follow these rules to comply with our policy and regulations.

If you do not comply with our agreement policy and rules, you will be forced to remove our code from your website to maintain our dignity in internet world. If you fail to remove the code, you are against our rules and violating our copyright laws, and other legal rights. Which will force us to take legal action against your website and the owner.

Therefore you will be punished by legal action like ( need to pay the full cost for license of the script and the bill for using our chat server ).

And you also agreed to pay $200 per day for infringed our copyright and chat script, Privacy Policy.

This agreement page will be updated frequently to make sure all the rules are up-to date. Please check our agreement page for any other future updates.

Last Update : 15/06/2022