VIP Membership and Why

We offer free VIP membership accounts to all real and verified women. We protect them from private chat abuses and any attacks against them. VIP account provides you special features such as by default all VIP account private messages are blocked for GUEST and Register users(Unless you engage in a private chat first). In this way, we can eliminate all private abuses against females. The Block option is available for all users, and your name is solicited at the top of our list in bright orange.

Uses of free vip account?

How does VIP Badge look like?

VIP Membership Badge Image

That's how it looks like, feel free to be in touch with one of our chat admin to get VIP badge today. As stated above VIP badge gives you more options that you would get from a regular register user. It distinguish you from any normal chatters and you will stand out as a shinning star in this crowd.