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The Beauty of Live Cam Shows

Despite there being an unlimited source of porn on the internet, there’s a reason why many focus solely on live cams. There are tons of reasons why they’re so popular, but primarily it’s due to the connection that the viewer creates with the performer. No matter how good a porn scene is, it can’t compare […]

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End an Eroding Era of Revenge Porn

Right to be Forgotten and Move on: End an Eroding Era of Revenge Porn   Humiliated by your online obscene pictures? Unsecure of people’s intention now or later? Has anyone without your permission shared or threatens to expose your pictures online. In case you are encountering or have been a victim of such incidents, all […]

Actions and Reactions in cyberspace has legal angles: Indian Cyber laws Awareness

Cyber crimes related to all virtual technology/online related offences. Laws are framed to protect the rights of every victimized citizens in various platform but many are unaware of the basic rights and acts behind to protect their interest. So lets shed lights on basic essential cyber laws related to chat environment governing in India and […]

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Better learn to Catfish rather than being a Bait

How was dating couple of decades back. They meet people in person, talk and share before they decide to take it up to next level of commitment. What happens in this era of 21st century? Long distance, online relationship and social media platform made dating sounds very easy even miles apart. Closer proximity is now […]

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Hoodwinked in to Sextortion SCAMS: Tip of cyber iceberg

We all would have come across instances threatening or involved in an Intimidating act about defaming their identity. Yeah we are talking about the new age technology crime “Sextortion” which is statistically not yet unveiled but prevalence is much more widespread than anyone presumed.   Does it sound like a naïve word? It is just […]