Administrators and Moderators List

Administrators and Moderators List

Do we need administrators and moderators in our chat?. Yes, we need administrators and moderators in our Chat. They will stop Abusers, Spammers, Strangers and Hackers from damage on our site and keep this place a safe environment to chat. If you are our regular chatter, you do very well know that our chatzozo is not just a sex chat site, it is more than that.

If you wish to be in touch with our chat admins, we will drop a contact link below. It will take you to our chat forum page where you can contact our admins individually. We do take all complaints and request from users in a serious way to provide better service to everyone who seek for help. If you want to drop us an email directly to our support email, please take a look at our contact page. If you want to get instant reply and want to solve some serious issue instantly make sure you check our chat rooms, where you can find our admins be visible or invisible monitoring the chat. Just drop a message to get a reply from admin personally. Our chat admins and moderator do monitor whatever people send in chat for example a text chat and public webcams to make sure they all are legit and none breaking our chat rules. We do take instant actions against the spammers, abusers, trollers and even underage pedos. It is not easy to cover all the rooms and all the time. So we have admins from different time zone, so this helps us to keep a regular time shifting to make sure our chat is a safe place for chatters.

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Hades: Owner

Owner and the site pitbull who keeps order and is let loose when needed.

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Aphrodite: Co-Owner

The only female Co owner , I take care of chat and its users . I also take care of reporting of any illegal activity on the site. I'm nice until it's time not to be so be warned

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Technical Assistant/Admin

Tech guy, who builds the chat app and site design with a goal of providing a free chat app for the world.

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Forum Admins

List Of Forum Admins Will be Available in our FORUM Page >> Forum Admins

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Chatters always comes up with different questions every day, for example, How can i be a chat admin or how to a chat moderator in chatzozo. If you really want to help us and want to be a part of ChatZoZo team, just take a look at our forum section for more information regarding how to be an admin/mod/vip. Check Here >> How to be an admin