Frquently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) - Help

Questions & Answers:

1. Is it a free chat site with no registration?
Yes!. It is a free adults chatting website for all people who need to have some chit chatting with adult people. Registration is optional and you can choose to register if you wish to have an account.
2. Do saves cache and cookie in user browser?
Yes we save website cache and cookie in users browser in-order to serve them better browsing experience when they visit us next time. Cache and cookie helps users to load our website faster in their next visit. We have images, JS Scripts, CSS and other website related files which are stored as cache in users browser. This helps users to get better visual result while they browser through our website.
3. What kind of pictures are allowed to send in chat rooms?
You can send pictures(images) which are not illegal to send. Adult pictures and other porn pictures are allowed to be shared in public and private chat windows. Make sure the images you are sending is 18+ and safe to view by other users in the room. Avoid pictures like ( murder, rape, abuse, visually vulgar, and few pics which are prohibited by government authorities).
4. Do we allow users to record or screenshot broadcasting cams?
No. Absolutely NO!. We don’t support users to record or take screenshot of public/private cams. Recording unauthorized cams leads to several cyber crimes and a privacy issue. If we find any videos online which was broadcasted in, we will take necessary steps to take down that video and take action against the uploader and the user who recorded it.
5. Are users allowed to spam, flood, or advertise Illegally?
No. Users(chatters) are not allowed to spam unwanted message, flooding same messages repeatedly or advertising any other website links, email links, or skype id for cam selling purpose or get our traffic to you. If you do it, then it leads to serious problems like reporting your website(domain) to take down servers, chat, license and more.
6. Do we support users to share their personal details in public or private ?
No we do not support this kind of activities. If you have common sense you must think clearly before you share your own personal family details in a public international newbie strangers chat room. It affects you directly or indirectly in future, so ZoZo-Chat always advise users(chatters) to not to share your personal details to any strangers(other chatters) in our chat room. If you share you details, then we are not responsible for your own problems.
7. Do we allow different languages to be spoken in every room on the site?
We allow everyone to use english as a common language for every room to be communicate with everyone, but regional language is optional in all language based rooms. But we only allow english in Sex Chat, Video Chat, Adult Chat, LGBTQ Rooms.
8. Do we provide VIP badges to male chatters?
No, Male chatters are not eligible for VIP badges, because vip badges are only dedicated to females only. To avoid such mess, we have special badge for male chatters which is PRO. Pro bdages are given to male chatters based on certain criteria.
9. What can cause me to be banned or frozen in ZOZO?
Spammers are not allowed in room. If you repeat or flood same message several times like copy paste randomly in the room. You will get frozen by our admin or chat system. You have to wait 5 minutes to get released from the frozen stage. If you are sending website links, skype id for cam show, email id for cam show, any kind of advertisement then you will get banned by our administrator. Sure the ban will be for 3 months without any special warnings.
10. Are the VIP'S paid to come to ZOZO?
No, our VIP's chatters are not paid to come to zozo. All are our regular chatters same as like you, they just want to come in here because it is a fun place in this world. There is no any chat room like zozo so it makes them to stay in here and have some adult fun.
11. Is it free to become a VIP?
Yes, It is totally free to become a VIP member in our chat rooms. Each and every real females in our chat room can be our special VIP member. All you have to do is just prove that you are real female by waving your hand on cam when admin or our moderator ask you to do it. This makes us to conform you are real and we will provide you new VIP details instantly.
12. How do you register using Facebook/Twitter, and how do I keep my real name from being seen if I do use one of these features?
You can check our blog page( ), there you can find a topic how to register or how to log in into our chat room. It helps you how to log in, how to signup or sign in with your facebook or twitter account. To hide your real name on chat, just use our rename option (change nick name ) you can find it at the top of the chat near the room switching option. It helps you to keep your real name secret.
13. Is English the only language that can be spoken in the Sex chat Room? What about the other rooms?
Yes, You are allowed to speak only English in our sex chat room, because sex chat is our common chat room for every one. So peoples from differnt country gather together and have fun in here. So speaking in English is a better way to find new friends and make the room look like a common chat room. If you speak in your own mother tongue language then you will be booted by our admin or moderator for not following our sex chat rules.
14. Am I allowed in the Lesbian Room if I'm a male?
No, Male chatters are strictly not allowed in our lesbian chat room. It is a special room only for lesbian chatters ( females ). To use our lesbian room, you must be a real female. If any males found in our lesbian room, they will be booted by our moderator or admin instantly without any warnings.