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What are cookies and how it works in browsers?

Cookies are called as different forms like HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie. Cookies are small files that stored in your web browser or system. It is used to identify the new users to website or return visitor to the website. If you are return visitor to same website that already you used or browsed. Cookie files send to server to notify that these users are old and return users. We use both Flash cookies and web cookies to identify users browsing device it may be mobile or computer.

Cookies are not just to collect information about user, it helps us to provide better website to each customers based on their needs. If you prevent our cookies to store in your browser or system, then you may not able to access all pages and features in our (

If you want to prevent cookies that get stored in your browser or computer. Please follow these steps and that helps you to stop cookies.

How to prevent cookies from storing into your browser/system?

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