Chat Room Safety Tips

Important Safety Tips :

Chat Rooms are always a great place to have fun and laugh. But be sure with whom you are in touch and what kind of conversation you are having with them. Please read the below tips, which might help you to protect yourself from grave danger.

What is Netiquette and how to Practice Netiquette

Male Chatters:

Male chatters, read these safety tips to keep yourself from harm's way

  1. Do not share your personal information "personal email, personal mobile number, personal identity, address or location, Bank information, credit/debit card information, job id, the government authorized id, etc... "
  2. Fraudsters may seek your help to sign up in an affiliate website to earn money in an illegal way, so be careful with those kind of tricksters.
  3. Hanging out and meeting strangers in person is not a good idea. People might lure you out to trap you with the intention to malice you.
  4. Do not abuse female chatters when you have been ignored or denied while approaching any female chatter in here. Do not blackmail or abuse them by using their pictures, real identity, or anything personal which hurts them.
  5. Do not share your identity with strangers here, including exposing your family members' identities. Even sharing your Facebook, Twitter, or any social account will lead Blackmailers to track you down and get you for good.

Female Chatters:

When it comes to online chat sites, the percentage of male vs female chatters are high, so every female who is going to log into this room gonna get a bunch of hooks and tons of private message which will be conveying and targeted messages to trap you and keep you on the lease. So we request you to go through our safety tips to keep yourself safe.