We offer free VIP membership accounts to all real and verified women. We offer protection for them in our chat room against people who try to abuse them. The VIP account provides you with special features such as: Private chats are blocked(Unless you engage in chat first), Block option is available for all users, and your name is solicited at the top of our list in bright orange.

Uses of free vip account?

  • Stay away from strangers who try to abuse you
  • Do not get worried about unwanted private messages from random peoples.
  • Safe chat from spammers, abusers and hackers.
  • Special user colour in our chat name list.
  • You will be in the top of the user group.

What is VIP Membership and who are they?

  • All our vip members are real females, verified by one of our chat admins.
  • All our vip members are cam whores? NO, to they are not cam whores. They all are real females who want to do cam chat same as like males do in our chat room. What if the guy goes on cam and be nude on public webcam ? Do we call them male cam whores? NO, we do not right? Same as like this our vip members are cam sluts and paid cam whores.
  • Our VIP members are just an regular female chatter who wish to chat and have fun.
  • Our VIP members are not paid to be on cam or do cam shows. They all are free to come and go as they please.
  • Our VIP members decide to do what they wish to do on cam shows. They are here on their own willing and they are not told what to do.
  • Our VIP member account permits all undesirable private messages to be blocked.
  • There is no any age limit to be an VIP member in our chat room. But make sure you are 18+ to use our chat room and teens are not allowed to vip members in our adult chat rooms.