Important Safety Tips :

Chat Rooms are always a great place to have fun and laugh. But be sure with whom you are chatting and about what kind of conversation are you talking with them. Please read the bellow tips, that might help you from grave danger.

  • Do not share any kind of id eg .( Mobile numbers, email id, any social networks ids or bank security details )
  • Do not let any one know about you personal address or location, including images or any kind of videos.
  • Do not talk about business dealing in chat room, they may try to steal your credit card details and bank account details to cheat on you.
  • Chatting with people through internet is easy and best way to find new adult chatters, but be sure every one does not sound like good peoples. They act like good and turn into rapist, abusers or any kind or murderer.
  • Do not show your face while you are in public or private came with strangers. They may record your video and threaten you with that video. Stay safe when you are on live cams.


Male Chatters :

Male chatters read these tips to be safe when you are in our chat rooms,

  • Do now share your mobile numbers, photos, address proof, PAN card, vote card, driving license or any valid gov. Card
  • Few fraud guys ask your to sign up in new affiliate website to earn money in illegal ways, so be careful with them
  • Do not arrange live meeting with them in your life, strangers never act same as you see in online.
  • Do not abuse any females using their id or pictures of them.
  • Do not share your family member details, photos, public videos, social id ( Facebook or twitter accounts )

Female Chatters :

Females chatters ( users , please ready our safety tips details to keep you safe from strangers and unwanted problem occurs through online chatting.

  • Do not share your pictures, videos about you to any strangers that you meet in our rooms.
  • Do not share mobile numbers, social security numbers, location, address and more other personal details about you.
  • Do not meet those peoples who are in chat rooms, they may not act good as like online relationship.
  • Do not buy or pay for illegal stuff that banned in your country.
  • Do not share your family member details, photos, public videos, social id ( Facebook or twitter accounts )