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You are banned?

You are banned? Why? Reason? Release Ban? Hello Chatters, do you know the reason why you are banned and not allowed to chat in our rooms? Because you broke our chat rules and one of our administrator banned based on the rules in zozo chat room. Why do you get banned? and for what reason? […]

Vietnam Invasion in Gay Chat Room

Chatters keep mailing me why there is more Vietnam chatters in our gay chat room and why i let them into it. In other hand few chatters blames moderator for booting Vietnam chatters from gay chat room. Let me explain everything short and clear right now. Our Gay Chat Room is only for English talking Gay […]

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cyberstalking who is watching you stalkers in chat rooms and internet

Cyberstalking: Who’s watching you?

“She is mine, I love her” “It doesn’t matter if you say no, I’ll claim you as my own” “I don’t like when others talk to you” “I am jealous of cattie, she is mine and nobody else’s” “I want her, I’ll make her want me” “He is Always so nice… I think he loves […]

Are you concerned about your privacy?

  Privacy!! Privacy!! Privacy!! it’s an alarming call for everyone. Years back people were not aware that their personal information was sold out without their consent. But now there are laws formulated and rules set by governments for all online websites to handle their users’ privacy very seriously. Nowadays, tech events from several tech companies […]

Difference Between Free Sex Chat Room and Cam Girls Website

If you are a long time internet user and had past experience in public chat room and dating site, you might have stumbled upon a webcam girls website, right? Well, few end up checking those websites out of curiosity. These kinds of websites are online paid cam websites where you can find hot girls from […]


Internet of Weirdos

You might have heard about the internet of things right? but have you heard anything about the internet of weirdos? I guess not. IoT (internet of things) means a small device which is connected to the internet in order to share valuable information for which application it is used. The same expansion goes for IoW […]

is it really a sex chat room

Is chatzozo a real sex chat room or not?

Is chatzozo a real sex chat room or just a regular chat room(non sex chat?) Technically chatzozo IS a real sex chat room but sometimes it looks like a non sex chat when you enter into the room. It is fun to see people who always ask the same repeated question, “Is this really a […]