Chatters keep mailing me why there is more Vietnam chatters in our gay chat room and why i let them into it. In other hand few chatters blames moderator for booting Vietnam chatters from gay chat room. Let me explain everything short and clear right now.

So do not blame our gay chat moderator for the boots that he does. He is doing his job and there is no mistake on his side.

Why there are many Vietnam Chatters in Gay Room?

One of the gay Vietnam chat website is using our Gay Chat Room in their website, so they have no idea what room they are using and what are the rules and regulations that we follow in our ZoZo Chat Room. So we can’t blame those Vietnam people who use our chat room.

What are steps we took already to make Gay chat room only for English talking chatters?

We mailed to the corresponding Vietnam gay chat website administrator to remove our chat room from his/her website. Once the problem is solved we can see a peace and clean Gay chat room in ZoZo.

How long it takes to get resolved?

It takes 20 more days to resolve this issue. Because we can’t take action against that chat website before we get any mails from them.

For more details and help please do not hesitate to contact us through our CONTACT page.

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