Chatters keep mailing me why there is more Vietnam chatters in our gay chat room and why i let them into it. In other hand few chatters blames moderator for booting Vietnam chatters from gay chat room. Let me explain everything short and clear right now.

So do not blame our gay chat moderator for the boots that he does. He is doing his job and there is no mistake on his side.

Why there are many Vietnam Chatters in Gay Room?

One of the gay Vietnam chat website is using our Gay Chat Room in their website, so they have no idea what room they are using and what are the rules and regulations that we follow in our ZoZo Chat Room. So we can’t blame those Vietnam people who use our chat room.

What are steps we took already to make Gay chat room only for English talking chatters?

We mailed to the corresponding Vietnam gay chat website administrator to remove our chat room from his/her website. Once the problem is solved we can see a peace and clean Gay chat room in ZoZo.

How long it takes to get resolved?

It takes 20 more days to resolve this issue. Because we can’t take action against that chat website before we get any mails from them.

For more details and help please do not hesitate to contact us through our CONTACT page.


  1. OMG Rayn got mad cause i was speacking the truth about the pedos on the site that they need a bullet between thier eyes or thier prvi ate part wacked offi know that was harsher but i am not saying sorry to him for blocking him he desreved iti will not say sorry to him less he say sorry to me……

  2. ok back when backeyboo was vip i was in pm with minos he was helping me to set up this thing to take screen shot i got confuse cause she was use one of my nick i had used when she pmed me i ask her oh you like Ranibowbright too i and i told her in pm i t was ok there caan be more then one then she trolled me had called me a whore and my husband anass hole i told her to say it on main she wouldn’t then iwas tricked on fb and never called rose or dancer bad names i was about my olderson two ex gf then when i was typeing to her what sghe has called me and telling me to go die i wasn’t the one called hades an asshole it was minos and becuse hades was drunk or calling minos one he has helped me get my screenshot worked out and i appercated that alot if any one was trolled it was me and they had abused me i was slow but when i finaly got it that was too late i swear this is true only two people really knows what happen when beckyboo had pmed me i ask on main to pm some one i just dont hope in there less it is a guy i been chatting too
    it is all bull shit

    • p.s i try to tell her to say what she said when she pop in my pm to say it on main she wouldn’t so she made it so i look like the bad one i was stateing what she had called me and my husband it was so messed up and on zozo i see lots of other doing the same thin by telling others to block some one and i see not on main being said to them about it

  3. opps made a mistake i ment Rainbowbright.GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. Wow i am back and some of the mods and admins say they don’t gives other favors well it sure do look like they do to me it dose and i have to agree what foxydiva had said on the forum i seen other vips and other user tell them to blocked but nothing be said or done to them either its all bull crap

  5. Oh i have for gotten what else vt said once i was on cam he told some that it would be one big disappointment and he should had been blocked long time ago when he said those things : {

  6. callsi know Vt is mod but i seen him every once in a while post a pic of a class full of kid which he has broken rule number 5 i see them ban others out for it even if the kid had clothing on they still ban them so vt has broke that rul it said no kind of kids pic so he had post so he post one every now and then

  7. wow i just seen others telling some one from the greman chat room to block a pedo and it took the mod a slow time to get him i saw a few telling them to just block them and still nothing be said to them for telling a guy to block they are trying to be a back seat mod too they see a mod name on but he was to busy playing games instead of paying attention to the room…< _<

  8. the other night i saw vt on there was this guy went by pervman26 he was asking for a 16 y old vt was busy playing a game in stead of paying attention to the room i did not see him say any thing to him about asking for underage i agree with taco and saint from the forum vt shouldn’t be a mod if he don’t want to do his job and he has broken the #5 rule if it gose for all other users he should go by it to i been seeing him posting pic of a class full of kids and it cleary say no kind of pic of any kids well i have seen a few post them less i do not post any kids pic of any kind ..

  9. i am on the forumbut i have no idea how or where to type at unless i have some one to show me how but i am gonna say it here what taco and foxydiva had said i do beleive they are so right i seen a couple of the admin and a mod do favor for other s even other vips and they say they don’t it is a bollox to me see it every day some of the other user and vip tell some one what to do and when to block so i have right to feel free and do the same thing if they can get away with it why not all bull crap i am not saying names but foxy is right it need to stop dosen’t matter if some one is friedn with an admin or a mod they should get same has any one else in the room or on the site…

  10. If rose do have a screen shot from off facebook i sure in the hell would like to see it but i don’t think she dose have it its all bollox and they are the one get mad when some one talk shit about them hum they also start talking shit about other first if they can’t take the crap back then they shouldn’t start it by the bad names first if they don’t want to be called names back whats good for the goose is also good for the gender……

  11. Hey Zeus if you read this i just saw in the sex chat room this underage was in there rose and vt both was there but then i saw another vipstart with a k telling them to get the fuck off and don’t come back hummmm and nothing was said or done to her i like her and all but it is so unfair some other vip and some other user get away with thier mess if i do same thing i get ban for it i agree with foxydiva cause some are friends with the admin or mod they should get same has me or any one else by getting bandded for it well in my opinion its all bull shit… they get away with things not fair or right ….. : (

  12. Dose any one ever come on and read the blog. hum if other vips and some other user get away by telling some one to use thier block botton it is not fair and if i or taco was telling a mod or admin to do thier job we would say there is underage or in the video room go do your damn job now that is telling a mod or admin how to do thier job . but telling another user to use thier block bottont isn’t saying a damn thing to vt or rose if other s can tell some one to block some one they get away with it they do nothing be said or done to them …!!! it’s all bull shit!!!!

  13. this is how to tell a mod or admin to do thier job there are kids in another room go do thier job this is how it would be go do your damn job stop bullshitting around but i never told them that but it is unfair other vips and a few other user can tell some one to use thier block but when i do it i get banned for it

  14. I would like to say i have seen other people has in vip and other users keep telling some one to block people and tell them to get the hell off nothing be said or done to them it is not fair if they do it shit want be done to them even if they are friends with a couple of admin or a mod Z btw i did not say you was my online bf spider 62 was the one said he wouldn’t mind being my bf lol

  15. What the heck i can’e view cams on the site and one night david said it said persephone said to block me wtf is going on wish it would get strighten out loads pf peeps are going cuase the cams not doing good or right they keep saying persenter close zeus hope you read this

  16. ment can’t sorry miss spell that

  17. Ment sorry miss spell it can’t

  18. ok for the record i am saying what i have to say here cause i still have no idea how to worhk the format back when beckyboo was a vip i did not i repeat i did not pm her she pmed me while i was in pm with minos he was helping me with the screen shot thing so i could take it sorry zeus but this is the only place i know how to type on but i was the one wh got abused in pm i did not pm her she pmed me out of the blues and i alway apprecate what minos has done for me here i feel i could put what i have to say but why they keep bringing up the past only two people knows what went down in my pm and i was stateing what i was called and told is all

  19. Wow some talk about others haveing a on line bf hum had the two admin have ever meet in real yet they live in differant state and onw said they will never get married gezzzz people go on chat to meet people to have fun and chat they shouldn’t be rude we have enought of war gose on in the persadent thing gezzzzz all people all over should just be thankful they get to chat but no need to be rude with bad name we all can not be built the same or same body shape or same skin color i know cant change them other far country people but less they have to change them self no one else can do it for them but them self and i never said z was my on line bf i said spider62 said he wouldn’t mine being it lol olsssssss
    but i was the one who got trolled and abused in pm while i was trying to o some thing else when i learn how to do the screen shot it was to late ……

  20. ONE MORE THING i have always supported Z and his site and have never said unkind things about him but i aint gonna stand for some one getin my pic and postinging them there or any where else if i want my pic posted i would do it my self… thanks for all the rude people some was nice others so wouldn’t

  21. To all who read this i have never told lies i was tought to tell the truth so has for some say they don’t like trolling or abuser hum a few admin do that . them self one even admit they hide and troll and abuse other user well has for mod gose by vt aka Valvran aka Ryanuk and aka Shedenmanuk. they say they don’t like when other butt in to thier convo but they do same thing which it dose not fuck all about them at all they should keep quite and keep thier nose out of some one else convo

  22. ok going to say this again i reapeat i was not the damn one pm that girl she pmed me while i was in pm with Minos he was helping me to short out the screen shot thing and i be dame that was a lie rose said she pm me i did not pm her i was repeating what she had said and call me after she had troll and abused me i told her the thired time she pmed me to say what she said in pm to me but she wouldn’t . so i repeated it so if any one should had apologise it should had been her i swear on a stack of bible she was the one pm me i do not pm any one less i ask so ya need get ya shit stright

  23. Rose if you read this lets get this right there are two side of this storie and frist off i was in pm with Minos he was teaching me how to do the screen shot when beck had pm me i ask so she like the name too then she went off onn me saying shit and trolling me and was abuseinng me i told her in pm say the shit out on main she wouldn’t so i repeated what she said well ya was the one brought that pass up i want to see the damn screen shot ya clainmm ya got but i think it is all bull thou so if ya want to apologise to me i was the damn one who got trolled and abuesd time i learn how to done the screen shot it was to darn late

  24. oops claim evevn

  25. this is for Minosi had never said you was an old asshole that is what that girl had called my husband and has for the whore part that was for me from that gal and you know damn well i was in pm with you when you was helping me with the screen shot thing you was teaching me how to do it i have always thought of was a great guy but i will not stand to be lied on and abuesd when that gal pmed me and said those things to me i told her to say them on main she wouldn’t ya don’t know what happen in that pm she pmed me i never pmed her there is two side of that storie i was just repeating what i was called and my husband then she made it so i look like the bad one i always ask any lady or guy for a pm instead just popping in less the guys said i could pm them any time but i will stand up for my defends and to the abuseri don’t take nothing from any one

  26. here is the only place i know how to use and work i am just wondering if the mod or admin do not want other users to tell some one what to do or not do then in my opinon they should pay more attention to the room then .other wise if some one else gets away for doing that it is not fair nothing be said or done to them. not mentionning any names but they know who they are

  27. i have seen the mod onhe dose nothing and i saw another vip telling some one that the incset was bannded nothing was said or done and if it is against the rule for one not to tell others what to do then it is only right if the others do same thing by not telling some one what to do or not to do

  28. This is bull shit they still talking shit about what haoppen two years ago look ya people need to know i dont lie and the truth is i told that girl to say what she had said to me in pm on main she wouldn’t and all those bad meand names was for me no one else i was just damn repeating what i was called after i had told that girl to go on main and say what she had said i am so sick of this crap there is two side of that storey but none wants to hear it damn i wish they would just drop it only Two people knows what had happen and what was said grrrrrrrrrrr

  29. oops mean happen

  30. ‘Ok i am so sick of one of the shit from back two years ago just wish they would stop mentioning my name on the forum they wasnt in my pm when iu had got the abused i was ONLY REPEATING what the hell i was call if Minos would think i was in pm with him the whole time when i had my laptop he was helping me learn to do the screen shot there are two side of the story but none wont to hear my side i was confuse after she had pm i told her i was cool with the name then she had said rude thing to me i told her to say it all on main she wouldnt for the recored i Was JUST REPEATING WHAT THE HELL I WAS CALLED IN MY PM SHE PMED ME FIRST I DID NOT FUCKING PM HER SOME NEED TO LISTEN IN STEAD TAKING THE OTHER SIDE THERE IS TWO SIDE OFF A STORY AND MINE IS THE TRUTH it make me mad when they cant leave the past in THE DAMN PAST

  31. try again ZEUSif you read this i just want to say i am sick of some one bringing up the past two years in the forum there are two sides and i know the damn truth from wrong i am so greaftful that minos had help me lean on my laptop how to do SS but i did not i reapeat i did nopt pm that gal she pmed me and i was the one got abused when i told her not to pm again she bad mouth me i wont this to stop now so please have rose stop bringin up the past and my name in the forum thankl you…

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