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You are banned?

You are banned? Why? Reason? Release Ban? Hello Chatters, do you know the reason why you are banned and not allowed to chat in our rooms? Because you broke our chat rules and one of our administrator banned based on the rules in zozo chat room. Why do you get banned? and for what reason? […]

Vietnam Invasion in Gay Chat Room

Chatters keep mailing me why there is more Vietnam chatters in our gay chat room and why i let them into it. In other hand few chatters blames moderator for booting Vietnam chatters from gay chat room. Let me explain everything short and clear right now. Our Gay Chat Room is only for English talking Gay […]

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Catfishing image

Better learn to Catfish rather than being a Bait

How was dating couple of decades back. They meet people in person, talk and share before they decide to take it up to next level of commitment. What happens in this era of 21st century? Long distance, online relationship and social media platform made dating sounds very easy even miles apart. Closer proximity is now […]

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Hoodwinked in to Sextortion SCAMS: Tip of cyber iceberg

We all would have come across instances threatening or involved in an Intimidating act about defaming their identity. Yeah we are talking about the new age technology crime “Sextortion” which is statistically not yet unveiled but prevalence is much more widespread than anyone presumed.   Does it sound like a naïve word? It is just […]

exif data exposes your privacy be aware of sharing pictures with strangers image

EXIF Data Exposes Privacy: Beware and Take Heed

Gone are the days when we try to label the date and location on the back of the photo or an album. Now everything is been digitalized. With technology, the risk as we consistently highlight chases. Many would be unaware of what information exactly we provide to viewers when we transfer our photos online or […]

sending nude image in chat rooms a selfie chat image

Sending Nudes : Nakedness lies in the intention of a Beholder

Do you expose yourself to cameras while sexting? Sneaked in, snapped, lied to cover up and deleted it then checked out what counts and what not.   Why these cut throat competition in the number of cameras, selfie or portrait mode enhancement, camera options and its pixels increasing in every new phone introduced in the […]

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Practice Netiquette : Solace to clean online reputation

We are bound to certain ruled manners and norms in any social environment we strive hard to be a part of. Those are termed as etiquette signifying the ethical code of conduct, the underlying guidelines to adhere within a communal group.   There could be various etiquette we are aware of and got ourselves trained […]