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online privacy for users

Privacy!! Privacy!! Privacy!! it’s an alarming call for everyone. Years back people were not aware that their personal information was sold out without their consent. But now there are laws formulated and rules set by governments for all online websites to handle their users’ privacy very seriously.

Nowadays, tech events from several tech companies and social networks are focused on providing more importance to users’ privacy. We always advise our users by reminding them again and again that “YOUR PRIVACY SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY WHILE CHATTING.

Here is a youtube video about Mark Zuckerberg talking about future of facebook and how they gonna focus on users’ privacy. Providing on and off switch to individual users by which they can control their own privacy and how it is used.



Here is another video of google I/O 2019 talking about handling privacy control settings to users themselves, so they can control how it is used.


Not just tech companies and social networks are taking steps to provide privacy options to their users but there are some browsers and search engine shouting out loud about privacy and even in their marketing campaigns they talk about privacy privacy privacy. How important is your privacy and how to handle your privacy settings and who should have access to your certain privacy information like ( what you search for, business, banking, food habits and more ).

Browsers like firefox, brave are talking out loud about protecting their users privacy from online sites which track our movements and doings for serving betters advertisement.

If you search for something in search engine in coming days, you might notice something weird in internet, you might find some relevant ads based on your search that you did a while back. For example ( shoe, bags, furniture, movies and more ). Not just search engine, even the worlds largest Q/A website Quora does the same in the name of “Quora Digest”, for more info check here >>

Google is a world #1 search engine and everyone knew about google. But have you ever heard about ( search engine?, If not, duckduckgo is a new rising search engine which protects users’ privacy while you search something through their search engine. If you visit duckduckgo website, you can see a single word which will catch your attention, that is “Privacy” which is written all over their website. Their main concern is to provide a better search engine for users with “privacy protection” which is enabled as default option for all searches.

But what about chat rooms? and how can you protect your privacy in open public chat rooms like The answer is simple, your privacy is in your hands, You are responsible for taking care of your own personal information and taking privacy very serious.

If you are taking your privacy very serious and want to protect yourself from online threats and blackmailing then you have to follow these steps.

  1. Do not share your personal information with any strangers with whom you chat in chats ( No matter how close friends you become because Prevention is always better than Cure).
  2. Do not video chat with strangers because they might expose your real identity. (exposing your face and location through webcam chat)
  3. Do not share your photos, mobile numbers and social accounts to any unknown strangers (male or female).
  4. We have multiple incidents wherein male chatters who send their personal information to females chatters, technically to the other person who pretend to be a female user.


WE already gave a pretty good detail about who all are using internet and are you safe in it or not. Check our blog post “internet of weirdos


Personal Information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Numbers (phone numbers)
  • Social Accounts (whatsapp, google, facebook or any online social accounts which consists of your personal information )
  • Photos which may include you and your family.
  • Your bank information or account holding details.


Credits : @Imagination @gaia and other admins

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