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Don’t mix your Stalkers to be your Fan Everytime

Can someone stalk and track you with some piece of information available on the internet or social network which was shared by you? Sure, this can be done by anyone who have some knowledge where to look and how to find those information.


There are numerous ways to track a person’s identity through internet. Here are some ways that stalkers use to keep an eye on you.

  1. Social networks
  2. Personal blogs
  3. Work profiles ( portfolio )

These are those 3 main sources to gather information about you or anyone who is their target. Anyone will be a victim if the person is not ware of these internet dangers.


Internet is a crazy world where you can meet a lot of fucked up people. You never know who is who and what is their moto to follow you.

Not everyone is fake person/abuser on online world. But, we can’t just ignore the truth right? There are still some sick people out there still using internet and they use internet as a tool to do stupid and weird stuffs. You can find “psychos, abusers, spammers, pedos, scammers, stalkers” on the internet as a regular people with social accounts. What happens when a retard gets access to the internet? What if a racist gets into online chat rooms and start a racism based propaganda?


Internet is a great place for assholes and idiots to hide under phony names and act as good citizens of the society. Anyone can have a fake account with a fake identity on  the internet. You can be a billionaire if you want to be one even if you have no food for the next day in real life. Simple as that, create a fake account grab images from internet and voila you are the billionaire with a social account. You can be a super star with more followers and fans even if you don’t have good clothes to wear.


On the internet you can fool a lot of people with fake photos, videos and identity. But, not everyone out there gonna buy your lies. For long time we chatzozo have to deal with a lot of complaints similar to this category. Each time something new issue appears out of the blue, and then we have to step in to clear the shit.


In we have clear set of rules and regulations that, not to share any kind of personal information to strangers. But to be honest only out of 100%  only 10% people might follow the rules. Internet is used as a great place to set traps for innocent people and wealthy people who use internet sites or any kind of social networks. There are lot of ways to trap some people for “money”. People who fall for these kind of scam or trap are males. If you are male internet user and some scammer want to set trap for you. Their first step will be setting a honey trap for you. Because 99% of males fall for this honey trap.


What happens if you share your personal information/mobile number to some abuser/stranger accidentally?

Even sharing your personal email address is  considered to be very dangerous, its all depends with whom you are sharing your email id.
Let’s see what are those issues you gonna face if you share your email id with a scammer


They will search the email id in search engine to find any related information about the email owner.

  • they look for your social accounts like ( facebook, twitter and more ).
  •  if you have any account on facebook or twitter with that given gmail id, they scrape a lot of information from there like ( your personal interest, your likes, the pages you like, comments, your friends list, your photos, hobbies and more )
  • then they will create a fake facebook account similar to your likes and interests and share lot of information on that specific category, in a week, they can make that fake trap account look like real account and get engaged with new friends through this account.
  • that’s it, now they gonna send friend request to your friend list , if they are smart enough, they won’t send a friend request to you at first.. becoz they have to be friends with your friend circle to get your attention more on upcoming days.
  • Once they get enough details about you through your friends, you are so much vulnerable now. It’s very easy to play with your emotions. Because human beings are emotional beings, which is the right tool they use to get you.
  • all social network accounts have options to look for their friends and it gives clear information, whether this account is your friend or a friend of friend or with the same interest of something like this.
  • now it’s time to send personal friend request to you.
  • at the end of the day 99.9999% people fall out of curiosity, or accept the request when they get a friend request from an unknown stranger who is mutual to your other friends you have online.
  • that’s it, you let a stranger to walk into your room without investigating further.
  • you may think, what harm gonna happen if you accept an unknown stranger as your friend in some social network?


What happens if you allow some stranger to walk into your room with a knife or a gun? Pretty much anything can happen right? This will give you a clear picture of what happens when you share your personal information to strangers? Next time be aware when you talk with strangers on the internet and give a thought about all these dangers while sharing your personal details. Always keep in mind that if you are not careful, your family and friends will have to pay for your foolish/ignorant attitude. Virtual world seems to be beautiful but it’s the toughest to be handed.

A single mistake can ruin your entire life, career and reputation. Last but not the least I would end up saying “ It’s no use crying over spilt milk”. So be safe, be careful and be vigilant. Act as a mature person and not as a sentimental fool.

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