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You are banned? Why? Reason? Release Ban?

Hello Chatters, do you know the reason why you are banned and not allowed to chat in our rooms? Because you broke our chat rules and one of our administrator banned based on the rules in zozo chat room.

Why do you get banned? and for what reason?

While chatting in our zozo chat rooms, you should follow few rules to avoid boot and bans. There are only 3 main rules to follow,

1. Avoid Spamming ( flooding )

2. Avoid Posting Child Porn or any under age images.

3. Avoid abusing our vip members and other chatters.


Avoid Spamming :

Spamming is illegal and we never allow our chatters to do in our any one of the rooms, if you are spamming and any one of our moderator or admin notice that you are spamming in our website, they will be booted or banned instantly. Spamming ( repeatedly sending same message more than 3 times or publishing other website links to take our chatters to your website ). If you are publishing or advertising your website illegally in our room, it leads to legal complaints against your website for these kind of action. We will report your activities to your domain registry, website hosting company and more other IP range spammer companies to take down your IP and website.

Avoid Child Porn or Any Under Age Images :

Our image sharing option is to share legal 18+ adult pictures about models, and their own images when they feel horny to show their sexy parts. But sharing kids pics or any underage images is against our chat rules and laws. So avoid sharing pics they are under age, if our admin or moderator notice any kind of images shared in our rooms. System admin note down your IP address and ban you permanently from our room. For this reason we never stop by banning you, we will take your IP address and inform concern authority department about your illegal activities in our website. It leads to take down your ISP internet connection and reported to federal department. So be safe while you chat in our rooms, it’s fun place for adults and not for pedos.

Avoid Abusing Vip’s and other chatters :

Who are vip’s ? You can find them in our chat rooms under orange nick name in the chatter name list ( screen name list ). They are our vip members and real females verified by our admins. Most of the chatters want to see girls in cam and they want to do naughty stuffs in cam when they ask to do. It’s not gonna happen in here, we never allow you to perv our vips and ask them to strip down to show their parts to you. It is free sex chatting website and adult rooms. It is not a paid or premium cam girls page to do what ever you ask them to do. If you want to see cam girls and ready to pay those cam girls, then please go to Google and search cam models for tips.


  1. why i have been panned i did nothing :S

    • what happened with you dear

    • Talk about my daughter

      hi, to the admin

      why i was banned today i did not understand. i am a regular chatter and i have not shown any under aged pics…abusing the VIP…or spamming. Can any admin explain.

      And after all how i can again start….i.e.lifting of bann.

      thanks and regards

  2. why was i banned


    Don’t know why i was banned, don’t even know how to post or send. unsally just a gues thanks

  4. im sry but i dont now what i did can u remove the ban plz

  5. Hi I did none of the above what can be done about this?

  6. Being banned for not agreeing with glitter… I’ve been respectful and didn’t say anything wrong. We were just debating about an artist. I can understand that an admin disagrees with me, but it’s not a reason to ban me, even if she had a headache… Her decision is not mature nor sensible nor just. She was just overusing her power. 🙂

  7. Hello, I was banned for allegedly commercial advertising. I do not own or owned or work for any businesses. Is it possible that there was amde a mistake? I did repeat a posting severl times though. I would appreciate if you would reconsider the ban. Thank you for your attention

  8. hi, i was trying to sign in last night but it sayd that i am banned? i dont know why, i haven’t violated any rules..please let me know how to fix this. thank you

  9. so can you pls tell me, why i´m booted out repeatedly by DARKMAN, only because i don´t want to Chat with him (in the german Chat room)…so it´s an impudence by him…..i guess that´s the reason because there´s
    nothing else possible

  10. I got banned was asking question s to ensure I was not breaking rules and all of a sudden I was banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on this chat almost daily and now I get banned WTF?

  11. some of your mods are power happy and ban for their own reasons….. not zozo reasons we should have the ability to appeal the bans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. i have banned so i am sorry i have follow ur every rules plz open my banned i miss alot chat with my many frns

  13. plz help me open my banned

  14. Hi. I was surprised i can not get into zozo chat because i was banned. I am 39 yrs old female and i did not do any against the chat rules. can this be undone?

  15. I was banned for no reason, i never voilated rules . Please admin remove my ban thank you

  16. what happe me in blocked

  17. im sry but i dont now what i did can u remove the ban plz

  18. so i was just wondering if the chat rooms were down or if i got banned or if i changed a setting and now can’t get the chat app to open

  19. i cannot connect anymore to zozochat. am i banned? and is it permanent? thanks.

  20. Okay so I was banned. I did something wrong, and for that I am punished. I saw it said you can be banned for a minimum of 3 days, and up to a lifetime. How can I find out how long it is I have to wait before being able to return?

  21. I was banned. Okay, I get it. I was just wondering when will the ban end? How can I find out?

  22. I was banned for no reason, i never voilated rules . Please admin remove my ban thank you…

  23. pls remoove ban why i banned sorry if anything wrong…..

  24. sry plz remove me from banned contion…..never do this again.plz help me and remove

  25. Yes I know its hard to believe, but I have been banned for almost a week, I did nothing wrong !!!! They are not even man enough to say why,
    Zeus these idiots represent you. I have been here from the start and it has just gotten worse.

  26. how i remove my ban

  27. remove band my profile

  28. i dnt know why should i banned i miss zozo chat so much now i follow every rule of zozo chat plz help me to remove ban plz

  29. ich würde mal den Admin Darkman im German Chat verbieten der ohne Grund User bannt , ich hatte mich gerade eingeloggt und bin gleich gebannt worden wieder mal ohne Grund ist schon das zweite mal gewesen , achtet mal auf seine Bann rate die ist sicher sehr hoch und sicher sind auch einige da bei wo ein Grund vorliegt , aber ich habe gegen keine regel verstoßen

    MfG Papa Ralf

  30. why I in banned

  31. I am soory for all removr banned

  32. i m regular user. i always follow yr rules.I hv not abused anyone.Kindly allow me.

  33. plz unbanned me im sorry

  34. plz unbanned me im sorry

  35. i hv been baned just now without any reason.. i just opened my chat room and then banned without chatting with anyone, even i follow allrules and nvr abuse anyone..kindly allow me.. regards

  36. I have been banned. I did nothing wrong – had just been made into a VIP. My brother uses the same laptop as me and I can only assume that he is responsible for the IP address being banned. Can I not be unbanned?

    (posted this twice as the other place i posted it didn’t seem to be active anymore)

  37. Why was i banned. I did not break any of the rules above. i was doing what i believed was role play and poof i was banned for no reason. please unban

  38. I was also banned for posting same msg multiple times, plz unban I wont repeat it

  39. I dont know why I was banned. I did not flood / post child porn or break any of the rules. I did have an arguement with someone regarding my font size in PM … but can that lead to banning ? In any case, I regret if I hv hurt anybody’s feelings. Please unban me.

  40. Was banned for some reason on the adult chatroom… WHY?

  41. Hey can you please unban me ? What I said was in humor, but probably u took offence. Sorry. Will be careful now

  42. Aphrodite so arrogant, she banned me n its been 1 month.

  43. i dnt no who banned me… but i am requesting please give me 1 chance.. will careful now.. please. please please…..

  44. Please unban me I’m sorry for spamming the chat rooms Ive learned my lesson please unban me its been a few months now 🙁

  45. I request the admins to Please unban me I’m sorry for spamming the chat rooms Ive learned my lesson please unban me its been a few months now

  46. Hello!

    I am a regular user of zozo and when I tried to connect today I just had a dialogue box stating that I had been banned. I think it’s a mistake. I disconnected normally last time without any trouble and I did not have any conflict with any user.

    Could you please unban me? 🙂

  47. Sorry admin… I didn’t know about the vip users rule… I was banned because of one of my comment in mains to one of the vip user …. infact I didn’t mean to offend her but the admin thought so and banned me… I apologise … plz remove my ban

  48. alls free wasy n why ban

  49. I am a regular chatter why today I have been banned

  50. hi ive been banned making a silly comment on one of the vips it was not intended to insult , could you please reconsider the ban

  51. can u remove my ban ? aphrodite got too strict on me …

  52. I agree that I made a mistake..I am very sorry for that…please consider this time u can ban for life time aphrodite.

  53. My name is Vishwaas1 on chatzozo Aphrodite I m very sorry please unbanned me on

  54. I dont know the reason for my ban..if any mistake pls forgive me…pls unban me as soon aa possible

  55. Pls unban me…i dont know wht mistake i hv done

  56. Pls unban me …i dont know the reason anyway im ready to say sorry, if any mistakes from my side

  57. I am visitor and site member for couple years now and i will ask u when u will stop be sexists towards men here and let vips insult men and provoce them most perfidly if u dont warn them and get me of this ban i will personaly create and right blog about this site and whats going here and i know everything considered urself warned!!!!!!

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