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Hoodwinked in to Sextortion SCAMS: Tip of cyber iceberg

We all would have come across instances threatening or involved in an Intimidating act about defaming their identity. Yeah we are talking about the new age technology crime “Sextortion” which is statistically not yet unveiled but prevalence is much more widespread than anyone presumed.


Does it sound like a naïve word? It is just a term given to the act of being tricked and baited towards sexual exploitation and other favours. Simply put you are blackmailed.


Major type of online sextortion involves


Credence Based on trust: By acquiring the persons goodwill the predators trick the victims in to revealing personal details, images and private information. Later they leverage these for their benefits.


Technology based on hacking: Using technology to install a malware or using external links to get hold of victims details. Under this the victim is unaware about the environment unwittingly play the plot which is laid by the tormentor.


Few ways we can start with are:


Webcams safety: Do cover your cameras in mobiles and laptops with a removable sticker. Easy to do it for all, which saves a ton a lot of online scams. Unplug standalone webcams when not in use.


Update Security: From age of monks technology wonks always told us on the Necessity of having our antivirus up to date,


  • Regular software updates and maintenance
  • Stronger passwords which cannot be cracked
  • Using password manager
  • Don’t open any link or mail from unknown
  • Downloading from unauthorized sources
  • Secure connection and safe browsing
  • Secure payment options


Vigilant Monitoring: Keeping an eye on the people in your circle who are having reckless online habits and communicating the necessity to be safe for themselves and people around them. Using parental control options in case of underage persons.


Don’t be oblivious: if we are gonna use any website or application kindly adhere to all the safety settings and privacy options provided and explore yourself before entrusting data.


To control the impulse online is an art not everyone masters it, people tend to lose balance and fall for the trap built by all these online scammers.


Nowadays it is very common around to use cams to flirt and have cybersex with online partners. This leads to enticing victims into these scams after recording or creating substantial evidence against the victim by a threat or sexual coercion. So let’s think well before we go bare to lose our barriers.


This may sound different from cyber sex crimes since it is just the exertion of power which can lead to sexual crime in return. We can take steps legally if it is about revenge porn, underage pornography or money extortion only when we identified it early and guide them towards withdrawal from sextortion consequences. Don’t transfix yourself with guilt and shame, do reach out for right help without engulfing the panic of being judged and mortified.


What to do?


Ring the alarm: It is high time you wake up and blow the whistle to the necessary authorities or responsible persons so it can be dealt with confidentiality and utmost private.


Stop communicating with these looters: once the threat is being plotted and the method of communication is established try to avoid further sharing of any information. It is always wise to record your activities and communicate with evidence to support your claim.


Fishing your fear: Many scams usually target the fear within us, without the crooked claimers of information actually possessing anything against us to use. This happens so they could try to trick us into their wing of being a potential victim. So beware not everything said is an actual lie or complete truth when it comes to these cyber scams.


These online crimes can be happening right now around you without anyone’s acceptance or approval. No matter what age or gender we should create self awareness about our surroundings to safeguard ourselves being a victim or our closer ones getting compromised.


Let’s uncover the mystery behind this threat. Cover the cams before the cam covers you and expose yourself to these revenge scams.


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