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Internet of Weirdos

You might have heard about the internet of things right? but have you heard anything about the internet of weirdos? I guess not.

IoT (internet of things) means a small device which is connected to the internet in order to share valuable information for which application it is used. The same expansion goes for IoW (internet of weirdos), there are different kinds of people (weird people) who are connected to the internet as like other normal people.

Why do we call these people weirdos? Of course because they do weird things which makes us feel like.. damn why these people are so senseless and have a very low life of living.

We can’t discriminate everyone who does something on the internet. We got this theory from our past experience that we had in our chat room, we do face a lot of weird people and random complaints from chatters on a daily basis. Let’s start with one small example that you can take a look at our forum page >>> where you can find a lot of complaints regarding back bitching, chat fights and abuses which happens every day in the chat. This topic never ends right there, it’s just a start and let me split this topic into several subheadings to make it easier for readers to understand the real situation that we are going through.


Pedos :

Same as like other chat rooms, we sure get few pedos in the chat room, who feel that they are untouchable and un-stoppable by a ban or block options. If you have no idea what does it mean “pedo”, let me explain it in here. Pedo means people who share underage pics and illegal porn images that are not supposed to be shared on the internet. It’s illegal and criminal offense by international laws. As you know, sharing underage pics are illegal and chatzozo have zero tolerance policy in it. We took a lot of steps in reporting pedos to authority with valid information to keep our platform a safe place to chat for adults.


Spammers/Abusers :

Holy hell, you guys have no idea how hard it is to deal with spammers and abusers whose intention is to spoil the fun in chat rooms. These spammers can be categorized based on their spamming patterns.

1. First category of people spam/advertise other websites, email id’s in the room to lure people from our chat to another website.

2. Second category of people spam mobile numbers and social account id in the chat room to take revenge on them by sharing that information from a fake id. Mostly, this happens in our Indian Chat Room, where we get a lot of brainless people who do this to harm others indirectly. They don’t even have the slightest idea about how seriously the cyber crime laws are formulated and by indulging in such activities may land them in serious trouble..

What happens if we get reports against spam/abuses. Just take a look at here >>

3. The third category of people abuse users by repeating the same annoying text to make them feel bad and force them to leave the chat  by causing such humiliation.


it’s just an example spam which happens in indian chat room ( hindi chat )

For more spam complaints and abuse, just take a look at our forum page to know more about it.


Hackers/Pretending as Hacker/Blackmailers

You might already know what can hackers are able to do in an open chat application which holds thousands of online chatters. There are two types of hackers, they are White and Black Hat hackers.

1. Whitehat hackers are friendly hackers who test our application to make sure it is a safe place for users to chat and trust in our online chatting application.

2. Blackhat hackers are harmful and very dangerous hackers who always look for vulnerability in websites and online application to hack and take control of it. They do this for fun and some do this for money.


>> Impersonate/Pretending As a hacker

If we keep our front door open without any lock, sure we gonna get a lot of intruders right?. That’s what happens if we have guest access in our chat room. We come across many such people in the room and sure they gonna pretend like a professional hacker. People think, switching IP addresses makes them a pro hacker “LOL”. Installing one single IP changer application and clicking buttons doesn’t make you a real hacker. If you want to be a real hacker you should work hard enough to learn all ethics in it. chatzozo gives zero fucks to these kinds of impersonating people who pretend like a real hacker and making a mess around the room.


>> Blackmailers

Well, this is a serious issue, chatters who log into the chat rooms are not aware of online crimes and frauds. Yes, few might have read stories or incidents about online crimes in news or articles, but this is the real world and if you are not vigilant enough, sure you gonna be the next victim. We chat admins, who always make sure that the people beware of current situations and fraud activities which happen in the chat rooms and we keep updating all those information in our blog posts and forum pages. Let’s see a few details about who they are what they do in here.

1. They pretend to be good chatters and get your personal information by getting close to you in the disguise of a good friend, for example, they always go for your ( email, mobile numbers, and other social accounts including your real pictures ).

2. Once they get all those above-mentioned details, then they start to blackmail you for sexting, money and compel you for nude video chat with them. They threaten you by saying ‘I will leak your photos on porn sites if you don’t do as I say’.

3. They abuse you every day to make you go off from the site or share your pics in the main lobby(public chat) to humiliate you.

For more stories about blackmailers >> check our forum topics and share your comments too.

    • bertha on June 10, 2019 at 5:33 am


    want to make a complate i am so sick of dane hiding and abuseing me he zeus have a word with him he need to follow his own word about abuseing woman on the site

    • Sophie on June 12, 2019 at 6:51 pm


    need new admin

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