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The tales and tragedy’s of unsafe sexting

Sadly, the tales and tragedies of unsafe sexting can be dangerous. People can steal your pictures and use them as their wish. Sadly, the tales and tragedies of unsafe sexting can be dangerous. We want everyone should be more careful while sexting with unknown or known person. Keeping your nude picture or naked picture with your face on it is really dangerous, Because there are many real stories about these kind of incidents which happened already. If you are not already aware of this issue, please read those following stories about sexting went wrong.

Here is an example story’s that happened few years back

Young girl mobile sexting tragedy :

There was a 17-year-old girl who was so happy while chatting with her online boyfriend. They both enjoyed by doing online sexting using mobile apps. Now a day there are thousands of apps and more popular web application to chat without paying. While doing sexting, she took lot of nude images of her with her face ON it and sent it to her BF through those apps. But unfortunately, she forgot to delete those images and videos from her phone. One day, she went out for shopping and lost her mobile. Yeah! someone snatched her phone from her and she was not aware of that until she was looking for her phone to make a call. She reported it to officials and but it was too late. Mobile phone was already turned off (switch off mode) and now this girl is soo worried. But she felt like, yeah i got my secure password to lock my-phone and all my data are safe now. But un-fortunately her mobile was unblocked and people took her nude videos and images. After few months, she came to knew that her pictures were on internet and people already downloaded it shared it on internet. She can’t take it and so embarrassed about it. That little girl took her life by committed suicide on the same day with heart broken.

Wife Affair Sexting Tragedy :

Happy couple have 2 young kids and they were so cute and adorable. Happy family and happy life until one day her husband finds about her wife. On one fine day, he went to office and when we he returns back from office, he found his wife on bed as dead. It was quite shocking and he can’t take it. He was sweating and have no idea what to do. All the sudden when he was souring and crying like a baby, he found his wife suicide letter about her death reason.

Sorry my love. I love you and the kids, you three are my entire world until today and forever. I am sorry that I did not honor our wedding vows. I know you think the world off me and so do the kids, I made this dissension I betrayed you and are children by having an affair I cannot live knowing the pain and devastation I caused to you and the kids. Please tell them I am deeply sorry for everything and I am so proud off them and that I love them.


Finally, her husband finds out that her nude picture and video got released on internet and she can’t take it and face us with guilt. She had a broken phone and gave it to service center few months ago to fix the mobile phone. But it turned out somehow her picture got leaked on internet and now two wonderful kids lost their mom and lovely husband lost his wife.



Note : How to do Safe Sexting – Look here for some tips and help from our side.

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