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The Dangers of the Cyber World and What Parents Can Do To Protect their Children

This world is full of fun and danger. “There is beauty in Danger and danger in Beauty“. You guys agree with this phrase right? Yes, where there is fun and joy, there comes danger in some way to spoil your fun when you make stupid mistakes or do things without thinking about the future. Chat rooms are fun and one of the best places to kill time when you feel bored or alone.

Chat rooms also have a part in these cyber dangers. There are hundreds of non moderated chat rooms with a lack of mods and admins that lead to cyber bullying and other sexual harassment. We feel like our kids and teens are staying home and away from outdoor dangers. But, the real problem is hidden in the internet. Parents are not aware about cyber crimes and cyber sexual harassment caused by psychos and idiots who must be punished. This is a very real danger to our children and most parents have that “It can’t happen to my child” attitude. When in fact most of our children are exposed to predators on the hunt on a fairly regular basis.

Parents should also be aware that the smartphone their child carries is equipped with internet and webcam capabilities as well. Our children are always connected in some form or fashion these days. So don’t forget that just because they’re not on that laptop, they’re still surrounded by these dangers.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a real threat to chatters. It’s very common to have one or even several bullies in any given room at a time. Some children as well as many adults do not fare well in this type of environment. It can be very harsh and some what unnerving if you allow it. You must keep in mind that it’s really nothing personal unless you allow it to become so. Just as in real life, it’s the cowards that think they have something to prove to the world  that behave in this manner. Just be aware that it does exist and prepare your child on the proper ways to handle it. Ignore or Block if that option is available. Most of all, Never take it personally, They do not know the real you.


Sexual Predators

Sexual Predators are surprisingly in greater numbers that any parent would even begin to imagine. Now this is a very real threat, that can bring danger to your child. The unimaginable could happen with this sort of user. Use caution just as you would when you go to the mall or a park. They are literally everywhere. There are many websites that will provide you with the exact address of each convicted sexual predator in your locality. I strongly suggest that you take the time to look into this. It’s easy enough to do. In my case I found 9 of them that lived between my residence and my childs school. There is no need to panic once this information is absorbed. It amounts to the same cautions as mentioned above. It’s sad to say but this is every day life for us, and these same sorts of people probably existed before, We just didn’t have the technology to keep them tracked as we do today.


The world hasn’t changed that much really, just the technology which all peoples use has, for both good and evil causes. Be aware, use common sense, and Be Safe.



    • bertha on September 7, 2017 at 11:48 pm


    what the hack is going on well i agree with some of the peeps on zozo when some should pay more attention to the room i seen so many underage enter the room and some pedos nothing be said or done to them and some of the other peeps have to do thier job if the admin s on or notthen some of us get in trouble for doing what they are suppost to be doing

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