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Safe Sexting – Tips to chat in online without getting blamed

How to do safe sexting? Is there something called safe sexting?… for now its not in any apps or company providing safe sexting… safety come from personal privacy protection…

We all knew teens want to do sexting in a safe way. We all passed that age, and we might have or some people already have engaged in sex during their teen years. You might agree or not, but that’s true and you cant hide the truth in a small box. Here i’m not encouraging teen sex, I’m stating this has happened and will happen again.

Safety is most important while you chat with your sex partner through our chat or any other chat application. You can’t trust them with your personal pictures or videos. Yup sexting includes nude picture or webcam live sex video, as well as text. There are stories about girls committing suicide if their nude pics or video get leaked on internet. Yes, that’s why we advise you to use an app that keeps your images safe and protected. There are apps which help you to chat in safety mode or privacy protected chat, where you can send pics and delete the pics that you sent. There are a few more chatting applications which deletes personal chat with a timer settings. Be safe and keep safe.

Tips for Girls :

  1. While doing webcam or live video chatting. Cover your face with face mask or hide it from cam area.
  2. Do not send full nude picture of you.
  3. Do not sext with wrong partner. Make sure they are trusth worthy to share your image. yes its hard to find who is trustable person in this internet world. But just trust your instincts and make sure you dont get into trouble.
  4. If your nude pic or video is published on the internet. Its not the end of the world, there are people who seriously get offended and try to commit suicide.

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