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Sex Chatters and Non Sex Chatters

There are different type of chatters in this internet world. People have different ideas and tastes. Not everyone gets into a sex chat room and look for a sex partner or to hook up with someone. We can split them under two main categories such as: ( sex chatters and non-Sex chatters )

Non Sex Chatters

These type of chatters are like ‘oh god please save my pure soul and accept me in your home(heaven)’. LOL, yeah that’s true and there are these kinds of religious people who never do sexting with anyone. They are scared to have an online relationship with anyone. Not everyone gonna say Ewww that’s not good to have an online relationship or share your sexual feeling with anyone. Some like to maintain a secret relationship and do secret sexting without exposing them to others and they hide their sexual affair or sexual feeling from open chat rooms. Most of the online chat rooms which are NON-sex chat rooms are bound with strong rules and staffs who never allow them to use curse words in the public chat rooms. So, these kinds of chatters want a place to share everything and talk about everything, but don’t want to get banned for swearing words like “fuck you, fuck off, mother fucker, shit and more”.


Sex Chatters

Do I have to explain who are the sex chatters? LOL. It’s the opposite of NON-sex chatters. People that like to sext with strangers or with known people are called sex chatters. There are different types of sex chatters and I will briefly explain about it on our upcoming blog post. If you login into our sex chat room, you can find different chatters who are from different countries and they speak different languages. But sex and lusting are normal feelings and common to everyone, and there no differences to them.


    • Raj on March 19, 2019 at 5:49 pm


    Lol I don’t know why I’m feeling like this that it’s been boring and wanna chat with someone who are interested to chat romantic

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