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Different Types of Sex Chatters

There are different type of sex chatters in the world, everyone have a different kind of style and fantasy in sex. Here are certain types of chatters explained.

Kinky Chatters:

It means If you have some kind of sexual desire those are unusual and it turns you ON when you do this. There are different type of KINKY methods in sex. For example, some like to get licked on the ear to get turned on, Fetish, Small Tits, Big boobs and big cock and more. When you are a kid and at that age, you might have felt embarrassing when someone kisses in front of you right? But what happens now? you don’t feel embarrassing anymore if someone is kissing in front of you. To find more kinky chatters, check our kinky chat room.

Normal chatter:

These chatters are normal people who don’t have any kind of sexual desire nor they express their feeling to others. But, most of the time, they do have some sexual thoughts in their head and not ready to express them openly in chat rooms. Not sure, maybe some people are embarrassed to talk about sex.

Noob/Newbie chatter:

These chatters are new to chat world and may not be aware of all those sexual related stuff. In given time they will learn more if they stay focused on chatting and getting hooked up with more girl partners. This works for female chatters too, they are young(18+) new chatters who have no past group sexting experience before in their lifetime. Once they get other chatters attention sure in given time they will learn everything about sexting and sex.

Hardcore Lovers:

These chatters are all in for gang bang, group sex, threesome, foursome, role-play and more. Hardcore lovers always love to have rough sex with their partners, even in their sexting chats they keep talking about their fantasy about gangbangs and some share their experiences. Well, you would have watched a gangbang video before, do you remember that they handle those girls in a rough manner like beatings, choking and slapping those girls ass? That’s all the part of hardcore. “Hardcore” means painful sex and abuses.

Voice Sexting :

These type of chatters are only into “voice chatting/voice calling” sexting. They never share their identity with one another, but they will have sexting through voice messages, phone calls or any other online voice application which support voice calls. (example: hangout, facebook, skype, gruveo and more). Most of these chatters are married people with privacy concern.


Video Sexting :

Our chat rooms have a public webcam broadcasting option, right? Have you ever seen a hot chick goes live on cam and do masturbation?. If yes, then you will understand who all are video chat sexters. These people always love to go on cam with their partner and expose their private body parts(nude/naked) to have fun. Females do expose their boobs and pussy, on the other hand, males do expose their nude/naked body while stroking. It’s all the part of online sexting. You can watch a lot of strange wankers or sexters in our Roullete Chat Room.

Real sex/in person :

These types of chatters may already have sex experience. They mostly don’t look for voice sexting for video sexting(virtual sex), they might have lost the interest in it. All they want to experience it in real, not just virtually anymore. It’s like you don’t like to have a soft drink after eating heavy sweet food. Because you can’t feel the sugar taste in the soft drink after having the sugar-rich food, it will be more bland and tasteless. That’s how this real sex works, once you try sex in real then you don’t go for virtual sex when you have an option to have sex in person.


If you want to know more about different chatters and different ways of sexting, just check all of our chat rooms and have fun.

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