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Recording Video while having sex with your partner is an good idea?

I think not.

In your life experience, you may have encountered a porn video which was taken by some guy or girl who is in the video right? How come their personal sex video got leaked out and it’s roaming around on the internet porn sites?

There are two types of couples in this world. Definitely, there are many types, but we’re gonna focus on only these two type of couple now:


1. Couples who want to expose their private sex video for the public to get more attention. They never show their faces or expose their real identities, but they will go full nude on those sex videos.

2. Couples who don’t want others to see their sexual private time. But in certain cases, those private videos won’t be private for a very long time. Due to their carelessness with the video file, it will go missing or get lost.


If you want to keep your private sex photo or video hidden from others, I would say BURN it! LOL. Personally, there is no way to hide secrets from this world. Sooner or later, someday it will get exposed. You may be aware of the video file, but when years goes by the awareness disappears and you feel lazy to protect it. People might think, “I’m gonna lock the file with the password and keep it in my mobile”, are you sure? Is your phone safe from hacking and hackers? What if someone steals your phone? Are you going to get the phone back with the data in it?
Are you sure that the deleted sex video or your nudes in your phone are deleted forever? If you google “recovery deleted photo” or “disk file recovery” you will get hundreds of software and applications to restore your deleted pictures/videos.


If you want to have a secret relationship and it should stay secret, then stop taking nude pictures or your sexual intercourse videos to avoid future catastrophe. “Secrets only stays with the people who keep their mouth shut”. Secrets stay if you do not have any single evidence about the happening.


Note : Images used in this post are got from the internet and porn sites. There are millions and millions of selfie pic and videos are available. So be safe and Stay safe.

    • Noir on November 19, 2018 at 2:14 pm


    We must be very careful about these things always.

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