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Delay in releasing NEW UI for the chat

We knew, there is some talk going around in our chat room and between regulars users, that there won’t be any new UI apart from the crap chat, we are using for now. Yes, we well aware of the crap chat we have right now in our chat room pages have some serious UI issue and function issues. But something is better than nothing. Now zozo is really in its hard times for sure, and in coming days we will show you what we did for all these months and what we were working in.

Everything was going good and great until we moved to new HTML5 chat and leaving our flash chat in past. We are all well aware of the flash chat vulnerabilities we confront it each day in the flash chat. Later Adobe decided to ditch and burry flash player officially in 2020. Before Adobe made this as an official announcement, google chrome and firefox browsers are started to disable the flash player plugin in browsers. Then we moved to a new hosted HTML5 provided by company. To be honest, each and every day I created several tickets to fix more and more new bugs. But, we had a steady chat room where people come in and did find new friends and partners. Personally, I love 123flashchat software because they had very good UI with simple design and more options for chatters.

Here is the story and why we moved to our new OWN designed chat room.

Creating/Building a new entire chat room is not an easy task. But we did build an entirely new chat UI for zozo and it is 80% completed with all the basic options which users love to try. Lately for several weeks are at the stage of debugging, testing and clearing all the errors to make it more reliable and stable chat to hold more than 2000+ users in the single chat room. In one or two weeks we will release our new UI for sure. This time we want to make sure, we do not release a bugged chat like, last time.

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