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The Art of Seduction

It goes without saying that seduction is key to establishing a relationship and maintaining it.

However, seduction goes far beyond simple gestures, it is a delicate and refined art. A balance between keeping it sexy and keeping them wanting more. The art of seduction is to excite the senses to the point that one spark, turns into a night of fiery passion for both.

Many do not have this fine art, after all, it is not something that is learned overnight. It is something that is built up over years. At the same time, many do not fully understand what it means to seduce, simply believing that it is a constant “Hardcore” talk. I fear that the art form is slowly dying.


Seduction takes many forms and it takes a master (or mistress) to fully utilize it to its full effect. Wordplay, eye contact, gestures, the smallest of body contact and most of all. Body language all go hand in hand. A skilled master or mistress will seamlessly blend all of the above together and in doing so, would easily make their partner or potential partner melt like ice.

But it’s not just about combining the aforementioned, it’s also about paying attention. A skilled seducer pays close attention to the person they are seducing, looking for the smallest hint before making their next move. It is these small hints that speak more volume than what simple vocals could ever achieve.


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