You guys know, what we are going through and why our sites go offline randomly each day. Yeah, it is frustrating and people feel like damn, am sick and tired of refreshing the browsers and clearing the caches to get back in. We are creating a new chat script/software from scratch with a new technology called as ( webrtc ). Webrtc is an open source project by Google to provide a better chatting experience through text and videos. We are the first webrtc chat with top-notch inbuilt options for everyone.

Anyway, we are 60% finished our chat developing and setup process. We are still working each day to fix the bugs and patching issues with updates.

Some people ask us, why admin broke a chat and creating a new chat script/software when the old one was functional.

The answer is, LOL (:D). If you are one of our regular chatters, you won’t ask this question to us. Because we faced a lot of hack attempt, and vulnerability exploits attacks in an old flash chat room. People got redirected to some other websites, Zero-day exploits in flash and more to address. Even browsers like chrome started to block flash by default to save online users from flash attacks. So we moved to new HTML chat called ( S-Chat ) AKA ( Stelvio Chat ).

Stelvio Chat is still under development and they are working on it to make it as fully functional chat with all options. But, as a chat owner and admins, I knew that they are more issues in that chat and it’s not stable for our chatters. So we are developing our own chat from scratch.

For two past weeks faced lagg when we reached 150+ users in our room. But, right now it is fixed and no more lags.

Things that are working in our chat :

  • Main chat without any lag
  • Pvt chat for desktop and mobile users.
  • Image sharing
  • Block Users – IP based blocking ( so no more cheating tricks, eg.. still you are blocked even if you log from other usernames or id )
  • Avatars ( profile pictures ).
  • Audio Sharing ( Both desktop and mobile ) – there no any single top chat rooms using this features like WhatsApp or Facebook to share voice to your friends and feeling lazy? they do voice chatting.
  • Multi Rooms – Choose based on language and country. ( still got to add more rooms )
  • Sound Notifications – Optional ( you can enable or disable sounds based on lobby or private chatting )
  • Admin controls – Ban user, Mute user, KICK user, IP ban, Range ban ( proxy bans ), delete messages, spam filters, flood control, IP tracking user locations to find spammers or abusers.
  • User levels – Owner, Admin, Moderator, Vip Account, Register Users, Guest users.

Things that we have to fix/build:

  • Fixing webcams for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Pvt chat window for mobile users.
  • Emoji boot ( while entering any emoji starts with “:” ) you will get a self boot.
  • Room list sorting based on cams or genders.
  • Special account for males
  • Special award icons for users based on forum points.
  • Default room logins based on rooms we have in our room list.
  • Vote ban by VIP users. ( VIP users can ban abusers or spammers with vote counts )

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