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Competitors and Struggling Of Webmaster

So for the past 2 months we have been struggling to get into google top search like before.. you might have already used our chat room or this may be your first time.. we are the most popular sex chat room in this world.. recently we moved our domain from to website. Yeah people keep asking me why you moved from your old domain to new one.. they thought our old domain was penalized from nooo.. the reason is… I don’t like the dash in our old domain.. while entering domain name.. people don’t like dash in the website name.. its just a simple reason.

Once we moved to our new domain…our rank got increased as a fresh site… for 3 months in 2016 we were top #1 sex chat room in google results.

Well this was good news for us and our team… all the sudden on 15th December 2016  our site was vanished from google search… yup that’s bad news and we never expected it.

We were confused and had no idea….so we thought it might be the right time to get help from google moderators and volunteers. So we created a help post in their google webmaster help center… yup they gave me some ideas… like make the site responsive and make it more user-friendly..  we received mobile redirect issue in webmaster dashboard… so we thought it’s a good time to change our website theme as responsive for desktop and mobile portable devices… yup all done in a week.

Then. Something popped in my head..damn we already have lost rank and we can encrypt our website and make it secure…. We moved our website from http to https a secure website for all chatters.

Coool…everything fixed and now its time to wait for seeds to start grow roots into soil and waiting for small tiny leafs to emerge…

Waited for two weeks….. website came to front page for normal keywords. But still homepage is struggling to get its old ranking back….

All of a sudden my inner thought asked me to check website backlinks…. Boohoo yeah the dirty monster is hiding under our backlinks.

Hundreds of new backlinks are pointing to our new domain… from all spammy blog comments and Viagra pages + unusual keywords….  I made a deep investigation regarding this issue…finally i found all those backlinks were created in September, October, November months of 2016… yup..i got proof for it.

So some asshole competitor(other website owner) was so mad at our website and seriously they wanted to take our website down permanently by google… I think..they succeeded in their work..but thank god…google have  a special tool called.. disavow links… all those unwanted and unnatural backlinks are added in a text file and updated in disavow list… bang…… now we have to wait for few weeks or months to get back into the game…


Note : listen competitors… do not test me..I started this site from a scratch few years back with 10 users…

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