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Recently we noticed there was some stupid spammer spamming his/her website link in our chat room. Well this one is kinda smart i guess lol. But not smart enough to face my(ZEUS) wrath.

Spammer made a Photoshop image with his website name and loged into our chat room using twitter and Facebook account. All he/she did was sending those spam images again and again to get traffic from our chat room.

Why this spammer is doing this?

He want traffic to his/her new website to make earnings. When chatters enter into his website and click on the advertising banners in his website. So that’s how he earnings through our chat users.

What we did to stop this fool?

We reported his website ( Chat Nation ) to his registry and domain hosting company to take it down.


Hello team,

We are and world’s largest and top most sex chat room. If you have any doubt just google for “sex chat” and you will figure it out.

Complaint from :

Spam website/Copyright : Chat Nation


Recently we have a new website spammer who is posting his website links in our chat room in order to get traffic to his website. Our admins noticed it and took action by banning this spamming fool. Well that does not help, he is using some kind of ip changers and proxy switchers to get back and doing same spam again and again. And now he improved his actions by posting his website link in images. So he thought our admins would not mind or notice the images shared in our chat room. I have attached that image in with this email.


Well we took a look into website and we found he/she is using our chat room in his pages to keep people engaged in his/her website. Image attached with all proof details.

Under DMCA section and act we request you guys to take action against the domain and make sure you guys provide hosting/advertisement/affiliate for genuine users.

For more DMCA act report :

[email protected] is our official email and take this complaint serious and provide proper justice. If you fail to take action and support spammers/abusers/hackers/scam people to serve your service and make earnings. We take this complaint serious and file proper law suit against your service/company/hosting/register

This mail forwarded to following mail ids :  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Best Regards

Master Zeus


Reply Email from


Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time as the site is hosting adult content as well as chat scripts, both being prohibited on our shared servers, we have disabled it at this time.

If we can be of assistance further at anytime please do let us know.


Dusty S.
Abuse Administrator,


Reply Email from Chat Nation IDIOT ( BLAH BLAH BLAH) 


Hello ZoZo Chat.

Greetings from Chat-Nation (Chat Nation) #1 Worlds Best Chat Website

You have recently wrote to us regarding copyright infringement on our website LINK REMOVED.

We have reviewed your email & complaint and whilst considering your thoughts, we removed the website from the web, however after talking the issue over with our team of UK Based Lawyers, We have been advised to request from you all of your Patient act documents as registered by the federal or UK commission patients office along with trademark documents for the logo/wording of ‘ZoZo’ or ‘ZoZo chat’ exclusively.

Without the evidence of patient infringement, I.E: the documents that we have requested from you, we have had no alternative but to reinstate our website until such time as you provide said documents.

Please be advised that our hosting team have now changed and as a rule, they do not accept DMCA requests therefore there will be no need in you resubmitting any DMCA reports to us as they will simply be ignored.

Like I said, Provide us at Chat-Nation the documents that prove ZoZo chat exclusivity and we can review the situation again.

Many Thanks in advance.

Mrs Slyvia Jenkins
UK Legal Resources Team




#1 Worlds best chat website? Hahahaha don’t make me to laugh lol… LINK REMOVED

Don’t even have single alexa rank ? wow and you are #1 chat omg 😛 lol

Stop copying other chat websites chat room and you are using our resources and spamming inside our chat room. Not to worry already reported to about your spamming affiliate earnings 😛 .

Your mail : Patient act documents as registered by the federal or UK commission patients office

Seriously? Patient ? who is patient here?

You need? ZoZO patent and zozo chat documents? Ok fine already I made DMCA complaint against (link Removed) through Google/

Our chat partners (,, ) will file complaint against Chat Nation ASAP.

Anyway have fun and have a nice day.

Best Regards
Master Zeus



chat nation


Server / Hosting Change :


Now this fuckers changed their hosting from to hosting company.

IP Address:
IP Host:

Note : Already this ip reported by us. This ip is originally from OVH and our team made official report against the ip and server for hosting the infringing domain.


NOTE: ZoZo never comply or be patience with spammers or hackers. We do our best to keep our chat room safe and clean place for adults.

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