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Threat Mail from User – Complaint about underage and webcam nude shows

Hello Chatters, today we got a complaint from one of our user and he threaten us for something that he does not like in our zozo

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been told by the legal department that we should give you 1 weeks grace to clean up Full Screen Chat Room. There for please note from the 24/1/2016

you are on report

Reason letting pornographic videos of some of your VIP members showing them selfs on their Video Cams rubbing their Virgina with open legs and other pornographic scenes for example

1 Smoochescrete is just one of your VIP members there are also Men Jerking Off on their Video Cams.

Your site says Video Chat for Adults, we have noticed VIP members on their Cam but they are not 18 This is violation . As we have said in our letter 1 week to clean the site, if nothing has happened I will instuct the legal team to take it to the next step and you don’t want this


Yours Sincerely

Name Hidden ( For Privacy )

Reply From Admin Team:

Admin : That’s an good attempt for taking our website down lol. Why don’t you ask your legal team to contact us?.

  • Our is legal and only for 18+ adults. Our website states that clearly in our pages.
  • Our vip chatters are verified by our admins team and they all are above 18+.
  • Streaming video? You are blind i guess, They are live webcam feed from our vip chatters.
  • Nude video? Seriously what will you expect in a 18+ adults sex chat room? Nun and priest singing hallelujah ?

Muskaan Admin: If your making threats towards our site, lol then instead of consulting your legal team, even though imaginary, you should consult a dictionary, I recommend Webster’s. Then most probably after you learn proper English and grammar, you would get to know that firstly we don’t showcase “virgina’s” on our website(whatever that is). It might also be revealed to you that during your journey of learning English, to your surprise, ZoZo is indeed a sex chat site. :O

With this amazing new knowledge you now hold, it can understandably been dully noted that you will see lot’s of VAGINAS and dick wanking on cams. We follow all LEGAL protocols for an adult sex chat site. If our site offends you, we do humbly apologize, and advise you to promptly select the X button at the top right corner of the page and exit as soon as possible.

HADES ADMIN: as Bugs Bunny once said… “what a maroon”

1. legal department?  dude, you deal with the owner and ADMIN here.  WE are the legal dept.

2. We have your name,  YOU”RE on report.

3. Are you trying to say Smoochies is underage?  O.o

4. WHERE the fuck did you learn how to spell?  its spelled V A G I N A   this is NOT the state of Virginia.

5. EVERY VIP is 18+

6. Refer back to #1.

YOU’RE A FUCKING MOROON!!!!!!!!!!!!!    hahahahahahahahaha   fool!!!!!


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