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ZoZo is strong enough to face any kind of attacks

Hackers trying to take down zozo chat room and attack us

Recently we got a fool who threaten zozo and made a huge DDOS attack on our chat server. Due to this attack our datacenter team null routed our chat server ip to stop attack and they want to protect their service from these attacks. So we decided to switch server to better DDOS protected server.


Today we had another issue, some stupid fools trying to reduce our reputations and want to make zozo dead. So they are trying hard to take it down, now they used new method called VIRUS attack,

They used our image uploading method and sending (.EXE ) virus file into web server.

Here is the proof,

Norton Security ZoZo

Thanks to Norton security, it found the backdoor virus and reported to us. We are aware of this situation and made some changes in our image uploading section. From now (.exe) files are banned and can’t be uploaded into our server. And all our files are auto deleted using CRON JOB method. All files will be deleted twice an hour from our image serving folders.

Note : Try harder to take us down 🙂 All the best 🙂 😛

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