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We have good news for you guys, guess what it is? No idea? or someone might already figured it out from the title itself 😛 I know you guys are smart because you are zozo chatters.

Well, we increased our webcam quality to Standard HD video streaming cams. Now you can watch or publish webcam on high quality to do video chatting with your friends and hot girls.

Chatting with your girl friend and you want to have good quality streaming videos, just get those following requirement hardware.


  • HD quality webcams.
  • High speed internet with minimum 1Mbs speed ( Broadband, wireless internet, fiber internet or any mobile internet with 3G facility )
  • Highly configured computer with minimum 2GB RAM.
  • Browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and more other browsers.

    • article on January 11, 2016 at 9:30 am



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