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We have mobile chat rooms and it supports all kind of mobile devices and tablets. So now you can get into our chat room anywhere and from any location in this world. Do not get worried that you are outside and can’t open our ZoZo sex chat rooms using your phones or tablets.

Supported Mobiles Phones and OS

1. IOS Phones

2. Windows Phones

3. Android Phones

4. All model tablets ( never mind big or small screen )

5. Apple and more other mobile devices

To chat in our mobile adult chat room please check in here >> Adult Mobile Chat



Note : You cannot do mobile video chatting using our phones, it only supports in big screens and tablets.


  1. This is good. Youngsters should be protected from getting dis-orientations. The question is should adults also be banned from sharing things! you know, with each other? good things, wherein aspect of welfare of people at large is of paramount concern. Not nude pictures of some junkies posing themselves as sex champs assuming falsehood of their penile length.

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    How are you?

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  9. Hi everyone

  10. Guys i use zoo zoo as guest a day before tomorrow it was working but when i logged in it says you have been banned how can i have access to the room now?
    And it is also working from other browsers I’m uaing it from mobile let me know how will ot work from puffin browser

  11. you are vary sexy baby

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