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Few chatters made a question through our contact mail. Why Our zozo chat room does not have any Teen Chat Room.

Few years back zozo had teen chat rooms and once we changed our zozo chat into 18+ sex chat room for adults. Then we are forced to remove teen page from our ( The reason is, If we have teen chat room. All new teen chatters and old teen chatters below age will use our sex chat room under fake names and pretend like they all are adults.

ZoZo Chat room is a free sex chat room only for 18+ adult chatters. So we don’t want to RUN under age chat room for teens.  Our chat website have certain rules and regulations to follow. If you are looking for a teen chat room, you can use google or bing search engines to find new teen chat room for you.

Why Chat-Avenue have teen chat rooms?

They still have teen chat room because, they do not allowed adult chatters to go nude on webcam or flashing on webcam. So its safe place to chat and their teen chat rooms are monitored by 24/7 moderators to kick out all chatters who break their chat rules.

Why FreeChatNow have teen chat rank and does not have any teen chat pages?

The answer for this questions is Google Search. Google bots crawls each and every page of all top websites periodically based on changes on website. Here is the screen shot of google search result and why freechatnow leading on search rankings.

chat room


Google found a teen chat room keyword in their website content and decided its a teen chat room and we can serve this website to teens. But is it teen chat room and is it safe place for teens?. You have to contact owner or support team to know the answer for it.


Note: This is just an example to explain to all my chatters and it is considered as frequently asked question.

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