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Chat Room Updates and What we are upto

It’s been a while we made a blog about chat updates. But we are regularly updating the chat room development status in our forum, Facebook page, Twitter posts. Right now we are in middle of something, but it gonna take few more weeks to complete the whole chat development process. We completed our text chat and its stable with more users and rooms. But this is still in BETA stage and each and every day we are working on the updates, including bug fixes.

Right now our main priority is a webcam option. People keep asking, what happened to cams? are they still down? and when is it gonna be alive working again?

Ans : We are still in developing stage and working on webcams. It is our main priority and still making sure will it be stable when we enable it in our live chat room. Unless, like other chat software, we gonna have both public and private webcams.

One to one cam is what people like the most. Video Chat AKA Webcam Chat is common and that’s what people like to do the most in this fast internet world. So we a making sure, the cams wont go offline or disconnected in the middle of conversation with your friend or stranger.

In few couple of days we will make sure we finish all the basic needs for users and do our best to keep it user-friendly with all needed options to keep the room active and safe for all chatters.

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