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Funny e-mail from Owner of

Please check the email content below from owner(Admin).

Hello ZOZO,

I have explained all very clearly to Godaddy regarding the issues that you have mentioned in your blog about The clear information is explained in below mail. Go through that and respond to Godaddy and cc to me about that and if you are failed to do that then you have to answer about the blog as earliest as possible, for further information check the attachments too.



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Only Fun <[email protected]>
Date: 28 May 2015 at 15:06
Subject: Re: Update [Incident ID: 26031983] – Re: Customer Warning – HELLO2CHAT.COM
To: [email protected]

Hello Godaddy,
As I have gone through the details below mentioned in the email I want to explain the misunderstanding about 123flashchat by zozo chat. I too run the same script in my page too. I will give you the clear details about zozo’s complaint and the problems of zozo.
1. Let me explain you in this way.
GroupA(zozo) and GroupB(hello2chat). Now there is a user from anywhere in the world using proxy software changing ip spaming GroupB link into GroupA, same GroupA link into GroupB, then disappearing from the chat rooms. If that will be given as warning to the registered user of domain from proxy domain like GA about GB or GB about GA, why does the 123flashchat  could give so many options to keep spamers away from the chat rooms and there is firewall settings can be done in server to block all free proxy servers.
See the options of 123123flashchat details:
>Silent mute.
>Login access with proper social media registration.
>Moderated chat mod on and off.
>The power of admin and the moderator in chat.
This below link explains all in very detail:
And still there are many more good options are given in 123flashchat and they are not a fools to have more then 40000 customers in worldwide.  Zozo must understand about it very clearly.

  1. Some one spamen my link into zozo just as a advertisement,  but from zozo I got spam its like abusing hello2chat admins and moderaters. What can zozo do for this ? The details of it can be found below link:
    ( ) to page number chat-1372
    Its biggest mistake of zozo and can’t say no to it.
    If you need full log details and about those spam from zozo changed ip and logged back again spammed it by using proxy software’s which is illegal.
    The log details at 🙁 ). Under log access.
  2. I just have only one chat room (adult chat room) and have 2 admins and 7 moderators to take care of the chat room well and keep active 24×7. If you need the details about it I can give you 3 months login and activity details with the help of 123flashchat.
    Can zozo explain how many moderators and admin they have to Moniter their site, can they give 3 months log details about their activities. ?  If not then there is a lot of chances to misuses the chat room.
  3. There is a possibility of misusing the chat room with lack of moderators and admin with having many rooms in zozo. Example having adult chat and allowing child porn into chat. I know zozo for long time and I could see misusing the chat by the some of the users which zozo does not care to moniter and can’t blame others while they have mistake from their side.
    This seems like monkey with green coccanet don’t know how to handle it and blaming others while they himself have done biggest mistaks.

So I want zozo to understand about it and keep his site with proper line to avoid like this issues.  Someone shared my site link into his room I can’t take charge of it. If not they must answer me above all things I have explsined. I don’t like to receive any childish things in the feature.

Good example is Facebook: as they have secure log in access and good monitaring they could disable many unwanted users and spamers. Even 10email won’t work for FB and FB never complained about misusing users but they did best way to disable account and well secure login.
If zozo do such a secure log in acces then they will have trusted users and spam will not be there.
But not doing anything that complaining looks like foolish while don’t know who spam or share any of the links.

Hope all these detail explanation will make zozo to understand their mistake and I can’t be into this issues Someone spamed my link into zozo not know who did it.
Hope you will do the needful about this unnecessary issues.

Admin, (hello2chat).


I hope you guys read all full content and mail from the admin(hello2chat) right?. Ok let me explain my part in here.

He said, we are posting contents about his domain in our blog page right?. That’s what we do in zozo, we update each and every funny thing that happens in our zozo chat room. Our chat users should know all details about zozo and what else is going in here.

ZoZo domain age (4+ years ), and we are running this chat room for 4 years and we don’t know how to use our chat room options? LOL that’s big funny comment from that domain owner.

He asked us to use ( kick, ban, range ban, proxy ban and etc stuffs ). I wish he can use the same method to stop the spammers who spam in his website.

In his own words, he said ( some one is advertising his domain name in our zozo chat room ) NOTE THE POINT “advertising”. Do any third party guys advertise some random chat domain in some chat website?. I guess only mad guys or retards will do these kind of stuffs. My point of view, is new and they need more traffic(users) to their chat room. So they are spamming in ([our chat], and ) to get more users to his chat room. I have enough proof to expose that this hello2chat owner spamming his chat website links in all chat rooms for advertising purpose, inorder to get users to his CHILD PORN website.


new spam chat room



chat spammer proof



Chat Random PROOF check our this link (


Do you know why i said it is a child porn website?. Check this following email from CHILD ABUSE authority. We reported his website under child porn distribution.


Thank you for contacting the Virtual Global Taskforce.  Your email has been received and forwarded to the appropriate authority for review and next steps.  Please contact your local law enforcement authority with your discovery as they are best suited to initiate an investigation and to remove any child exploitation material you may have inadvertently downloaded to your computer.

Thank you for your assistance in combatting internet child exploitation.



Virtual Global Taskforce

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Cyber Crimes Center (C3)


Well Hello2chat admin said in the email, that we need more admins and moderators to watch our chat. For what? to ban him each time when he comes to chat room with his BSNL BroadBand IP and spam his website links?

We know what we are doing and we don’t want any kind of trouble in our chat room. We care about our chatters and we care much more than others do. He must mind his own business and stay away from zozo. If he keeps spamming his STUPID chat room links in our chat, we will keep report his website to domain hosting and domain registration services to take action against his domain.

Go through all our reports and updates in our blog. He is not theonly one spamming in zozo who got reported, we have taken down many spammers, and chat rooms down in-order protect our chatters and chat room from idiots like you.


We published this all to the PUBLIC so anyone can look into what zozo does and what zozo can do to take care of our chatters and chat room

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