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Chat Room Updates Version 11.0

Last day we made some serious updates in our zozo chat room. People are so excited and happy to see our new chat room and many chatters are happy about new smilies and style.

Reason for the Update :

  1. Spam proof ( You can’t paste anything in our chat text area ).
  2. Redirect attack stopped. ( For few weeks we are struggling with redirect attack by an 123flashchat exploit attacker ).
  3. Extra Smilies are added in our chat room.
  4. Admin avatar, mod avatar, vip avatar. ( They have separate avatars to identify them that they are real admin, mod or vip ).
  5. Avatar Changed. ( Changed our default 123flashchat avatar to new chat avatar ).

Chatters Complaints :

People found some difficulties in our new version. they are,

  1. Chat name list auto scrolling.
  2. Font name ( different font style ).

Note : This is not our final update. So be cool and have fun in our chat room. We will tweak our chat room in our version 11.1 Updates. 

Update : 

  1. Chat name list auto scrolling issue (FIXED).
  2. Font change and more font issue (FIXED).
  3. Increased number of viewing webcam from 4 to 6. So now you can view 6 members webcam at a time without any lagging issue.


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