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Chat Room Spammer Gets Domain Ban

Now a days we see  many video chat rooms and online chat sites for all online crawlers and strangers. They all need more traffic so people try to spam their website links in our chat rooms. Well on the other hand, we get many spammers who pretend to be female and make users pay for cam shows. Here is one example of a complaint and take down process held by zozo team.


Jeff G (Weebly) Apr 20, 07:36Thank you very much for making us aware of this problem content. I have taken it down and disabled the responsible account.Thank you!
Jeff G

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Master Zeus Apr 18, 02:29Hello Weebly team,I want to report about a spammer domain which is hosted in your weebly server and using subdomain.

Domain name ( ) AKA ( )

· This website owner uses fake pictures of females and videos from online and trying to sell them for money.

· Spamming his/her fake website in our ( ) to get traffic/users to his/her website to make money.

· Paypal does not allow purchase/sell adult stuffs ( images, videos, porn, toys etc ).

· This spammers uses tons of proxy list and get backs into chat once we ban them.

· He/her dangerous to everyone and trying to steal other users money through fake images/videos.

Best Regards

Admin (


    • mercybaby on April 23, 2015 at 7:31 am


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    • xboy666 on April 23, 2015 at 1:08 pm


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