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Chat Room Redirect Spammer

Do not get scared due to this redirecting issue. These spammers using this technique to redirect all our chatters to his website ( ) or ( ) or ( ).

We have already made contact with our developer team ( 123flashchat ) to solve this issue. They are working on this issue for few weeks and soon we will get possible solution to fix this issue.

Until we fix this issue, please be patience and once you get redirected to those spammers website. Just close the browser and come back to our ZoZo chat room.

Due to this issue, you will not be hacked.

Update ( 03-05-2015) : Hostgator already took down their one of the website ( ) and now they are using new website ( ) to redirect our chat traffic.

Update (20-05-2015) :  We were in touch with the server owner and the issue appears to be resolved.

Please get back to us if you believe the reported abusive activity/content still exists in our network/the issue is not resolved within 24 hours, or consider this ticket closed.

Thank you for cooperation.

SingleHop Team.


Note : We will update further information in our blog page and social page in our zozo chat website.

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