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Chat Info Why a new update? and Is this stable? Why some features not working as indented ?

I am amazed at this... It's a website being built from scratch by a small group of people that you have access to without having to pay anything. This is NOT a resaurant you went to where the cook messed your order up,
This is NOT tech support for a computer you purchased and paid for additional tech support.

This is literally a website you stumbled upon that you offers you free entertainment. There is a difference between constructive criticism and ranting with a false sense of entitlement. Let the man do the work he doesn't even HAVE to do to provide you the best experience he can while still having to maintain his life and do the things he needs for quality of life. In short, this isn't BurgerKing not everything is going to be YOUR WAY.

Julie ! Plz understand that every coin has 2 sides.
Don't criticize , condemn and complain...
I would suggest you to be hearty in your approbation lavish in ur praise .
Hope you at least understand now that admin has worked his ass off ,
day and night , he even spent a lot of money on it .

Hope u at least understand now !

Thank you admin for your continuous efforts....@Administrator
@Administrator @Rapunzel @Pinkcandy @AmoRoUs ❤️
if anyone sees it first please tell the solution of this problem

@Illusion forum is not opening and showing her deleted. so please help her with that as fast as can because neither i nor she wants her id to get deactivated because the points will be gone
Did she used valid email ? Ask her bcz same issue wid ramchandan I asked administrator he told tat whenever he see invalid email he disable d account !!!
For a very long, we were working on this new chat update, i think it might be more than 10 months or more, not sure exactly when, But yeah it is almost close to a year.

Why a new chat, when the old one works just fine?​

For years, we were facing a load and stability issue with our old chat application which was created based on php and websocket technology. Websocket are pretty good and fast to transmit data, but to be honest when we did build our old chat almost 3-4 years back, our only MISSION is to have our own chat application ad not depend on some third part chat software or people who distribute chat application for rental. All big leaps starts with a small steps, already we had a good chat application that is good enough to hold almost 400+ chatters at a time in a single server without distributing the load.

But our old chat is not enough to handle much incoming request and message which have been send by users. You may have already aware of this issue with our old chat application, which keeps loading and goes offline after the login? And there is a delay in sending messages, delay in getting private messages and much more.

So far, the old chat application did it best to keep chatzozo.com alive and to compete with other top chats out there, but we did good with our broken chat, people thought chatzozo will be gone in couple of months, and then years, But the tough fight allowed us to survive any critical situation with the clear focus on moving forward.

Is the current chat is stable?​

Definitely yes, it is very much stable and can handle large number of message very well. But what happened today earlier, people could not even sign up? or sign into chat, Which is a different issue, there will be another additional post will be published explaining the reason of the downtime.

Why some features not working as indented ?​

The current chat application is still under development and we keep rolling out new patch update once a week or twice a week based on how critical is the bug.

1. We are aware the chat block feature is kind of glitchy.
2. We are aware that the chat private notification sound is not appearing even after we enabled it.
3. We are aware the chat public images have been auto loaded, and there is no way turning it OFF.
4. and much more to be listed.

Then why releasing a buggy chat when we did not completed it the fullest? Because i gave my word that i will release it on FEB 14. Anyway these glitchy are not main issue, but i give you my word, these glitches/bugs will be fixed with our next update V,1.1.2 version. Which will be rolled out in a week or So...

I kindly request all chatters to talk freely and go ahead lurk around, test, then update all the bugs in the "Technical Help/Problems/Suggestions" forum section. And do not forget to mention how to reproduce the bug, so it will be easy for us to work on solution without wasting our time in reproducing the error.
Thank you,
Much appreciated :)
@Hades @Administrator @Aphrodite @Anonymous
Dear admin, Today from 3:45 am a problem started in Zozo's Indian chat room..where after logging out from Zozo there is no way to login..if I want to go to any room it shows error immediately...or someone Someone was chatting again and sometimes this site pops up on another website...may I know why this is happening..if you can help me with this, we can chat again in a friendly way.
I can't enter still now
Yes bro I have given Msg to Administoror for that and see what they say... sometimes the site is down like this then after 5-10 minutes it gets fixed by itself...
Yes brother . Most important section is the Chat section . So it's a big issue if they are unable to fix it