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muted for ever

Dont know if its my fault, or a fault of the site.
Tried to log in as a guest into sex chat yesterday.
I got a pop-up to say.." muted for ever ".

So I registered my name to see if i could get in that way, but got the same pop-up..muted for ever.
If it is My fault, im sorry....but I dont know what i did wrong!

Can Admin please look into this matter.
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Your unfair mute huh ..so for you to go off on the mod in the main ranting and saying ban me wasn't in fair huh taco ...or I dunno having some admins blocked so you can talk shit about Zeus and the site and we not see you.so cause you finally got what you deserved it's UNFAIR ..you are troublemaking whining ass days are done ..nobody is going to unban you ..goodbye
I have your ip and I'm gonna remove the mute, but don't post those kind of pics again, it's against the site's rules, the forever mute was an accident, but it might be permanent if you break rules again.