How to Become Moderator and Admin

Checkout our Forum Page for more information : Well, we have received many requests and emails from our chatters and they have some questions in common. One of the most prevalent questions is; how does one become a zozo chat moderator? Here is the answer . Now, everyone can become one of our zozo moderators or … Read more

Chat Rules – Only English Language

Most of our chatters are aware that you are only allowed to chat in English in our Video and Sex chat rooms. Video and Sex chat rooms are  the most common rooms for every single chatters who visits our zozo chat. If you enter text in some other language, or your first language, (such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic … Read more

How to Stop Unwanted Private Messages

In chat rooms most male chatters loves to chat with female chatters in private rather than in public chatting. If there are, let’s say,  500 male chatters and 1 female chatter, just imagine how many private messages that female chatter is being bombarded with! How would you feel if you had to deal with that? Would it make … Read more

Chat Room – What do you mean by free chat

Chat Room – What do you mean by “free” chat? The term “free” usually implies you will get something for nothing,  but most often not always free or even everything for free. When you get something “free” there are some limitations, restrictions, rules and guidelines which apply. The same thing applies here in our chat rooms. We provide your … Read more

Chat Rules – Spammers

Chat Rules – Spammers are not allowed in our chat rooms Chatters must know that we cannot allow spammers in any of our rooms.  We will elaborate on why we never allow spammers in our chat rooms and on what steps we are taking to stop them. 1. Spamming means repeating the same message and repeatedly sending those message … Read more

We store chat information’s?

Most chatters have legitimate concerns when going into new chat rooms.  When they get into a new chat site, they wonder; does the chat website save all their chat history, webcam videos, fun talk, and other information? 1. No, we do not store your chat history when you talk or converse with any chat member in our rooms. 2. No, we do not … Read more