How to Become Moderator and Admin

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Well, we have received many requests and emails from our chatters and they have some questions in common. One of the most prevalent questions is; how does one become a zozo chat moderator?

Here is the answer . Now, everyone can become one of our zozo moderators or admins. To get adminship or moderator posting in our zozo chat room, we have certain rules and regulations. You must follow these, and we choose the wiser ones as our mods or admins.

Steps :

1. You have to be one of our regulars (a registered member).

2. You should be a veteran user who must be in here for a long time. (6 months – 1 year).

3. You must have good reputation among the chatters and admins in the room.

4. You must follow all our chat rules.

5. You must be an active member for a long time and must come to chat daily.

6. Especially important: You must be a person who cares about our website and our chatters.


Steps to become Admin :

To be one of our chat room admins, first you should be one of our moderators for more than 4 months, with a good reputation among the chatters.