How to report user or chatter?

If you like to report some chat user or member in our rooms. If he is spamming, abusing, sending links in private or anything against chatzozo privacy policy nor rules. Let admins know about that user activity. So we can take action against the user. Most of the time our admins will be visible and available … Read more

How to enable Profile Avatar in Chat Text

A few days back we removed avatars from the chat texting area. Previously, it showed the chatter’s own uploaded image or default chat avatar images in the texting area. This makes very little difference when you text in our chat rooms. Now we have disabled it from chat rooms due to overload and chat lagging issues. Now the issue is totally resolved. … Read more

How to block chatters (users) in chat room

We all know that not everyone in the chat room is the same as us. They are from different countries, different lifestyles, different languages and more. So, if you expect everyone in the chat room to be same as you (polite, fun, respectful, nice), then you are in for a surprise, and you have to start to learn … Read more

How to Become Moderator and Admin

Checkout our Forum Page for more information : Well, we have received many requests and emails from our chatters and they have some questions in common. One of the most prevalent questions is; how does one become a zozo chat moderator? Here is the answer . Now, everyone can become one of our zozo moderators or … Read more