Chat Rules – Only English Language

Most of our chatters are aware that you are only allowed to chat in English in our Video and Sex chat rooms. Video and Sex chat rooms are  the most common rooms for every single chatters who visits our zozo chat. If you enter text in some other language, or your first language, (such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic or German, for example ) then you will be booted out by our moderator or admin who is on duty monitoring the room at that moment. So be careful while you chat in our Video and Sex chat room, and make sure you are speaking or sending messages using only English. Why do we permit only English in our Video and Sex chat rooms? Please read the following points to have a better understanding of why we are not allowing chatters to use foreign languages in these two rooms.

1. English is an International language and common in all countries.

2. It is easier to chat with other people, thus it makes sense to use English when you are in an international adult chat room.

3. Having one common “lingua franca” helps to keep these chat rooms clear and organized.

4. It also makes it easier to manage and monitor chat room chatters

5. English makes it possible for you to find many foreign chatters and make new friends, possibly even life time partners.

6. It is even possible for foreign chatters to improve their English language skills by using the language in the chat rooms.

So please pay attention when a moderator or admin posts the notice: “English Only In Main Room Please!”