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Sending Nudes : Nakedness lies in the intention of a Beholder

Do you expose yourself to cameras while sexting? Sneaked in, snapped, lied to cover up and deleted it then checked out what counts and what not.


Why these cut throat competition in the number of cameras, selfie or portrait mode enhancement, camera options and its pixels increasing in every new phone introduced in the market. Undoubtedly clears the point we are coaxed to snap pictures and send them across or upload them for wider audiences. No one is gonna be bothered about our privacy on normal clicks since it will be all over the internet in case of you being a social media active person. That’s how the web lures us! How do you think the Idea of endless photo sharing, snapping apps emerged in recent times?


Let’s shift our view on something which was considered taboo some years ago, does not have that stigma attached to it now. Guess what, yeah everyone must have witnessed sending your nudes to someone special or even an anonymous person people meet online. Not being a prude here “Nudity isn’t vulgar else we were not born nude”.


Considering the circumstances where you are in the middle of an erotic conversation while you decides to make it more steamy with a click and the partner asks can i have a glimpse of your hotness?


What will your response be?


  • No,not interested​
  • Yes, might be next time​
  • Jumps in to click a snap​

watching nude video live chat streams through mobile image


Most of them would have picked option three if you are really into your partner and the act involved. Nothing wrong with the adult consensual fun element.


Is sending nude considered illegal? No it is not if you are age appropriate 18 years and above gives full consent to involve in the exchange of explicit images.


Is sending nudes gonna land you in trouble? It might definitely be if the intent of the person receiving is not aligned with yours or the participants are not taking safety measures.


Is the picture you click, makes you slut? Snap shaming is the same as slut shaming don’t and never. If you are comfortable and trust the person no one is stopping you to get comfy.


Is it an obligation to send nudes during sexting? Nothing will be a set rule or laid out draft when it comes to sexting. In the flow of things you might end up clicking yourself just make sure you take precautionary steps. Don’t do things you are uncomfortable or gonna regret later.


Is it shameful if your nudes got leaked? Nothing is gonna be stamped on you in case of mishaps. Everyone needs to move on and stay resilient. Just don’t let yourself be a victim and demoralized.


Is it a matter of trust? Yup it is always. When there is no trust factor established between partners and you being sceptical of motives hidden. Say no and you should be respected for your decision not degraded.


Do you consider these before sending your snap?


taking snap of private parts for sextings


  1. First things first, SAY NO to your pretty face when you are taking nudes. Follow the rules, crop out the face from the photo you snapped and hide your identity.
  2. Using end to end encrypted apps and services where the images are not misused inappropriately. Even some apps allow restrictions on screenshots and give us notifications about the screenshot.
  3. Always go incognito and don’t let your images be saved in your browsing and mobile history or in the cloud. Be vigilant to check out all the options and explore the safest phone settings options while sexting. Even a simple option leads to devastating issues in future.
  4. If you are not sure of the recipient or have doubts on his intention stop it right there. Always double check the to address or the contact to avoid ending up in the wrong hands.
  5. If you are aware of the EXIF data attached to every image and can include GEO location and other mobile information. So try to remove the file properties before you send it to the stranger.


Though nothing is fool proof method when it comes to technology, but adhere to the precautions from your end to start with rather than turning it into a regretful moment later. We are not walking the path of any judgement here just being self aware of the environment everyone indulges.


titanic rose nude drawing image


Before we close the shutter, capturing your focus on the familiar Titanic scenario where in 1912 a girl in a romantic encounter gone bare to sketch her naked body, locks the drawing in a secured safe in a boat that sinks and after 84 years somehow the nude still ends up in the hands of the media.


People tend to undress our mind and body online for benefits. Not all thoughts are too naked so lets strip the ignorance before we strip ourself.



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