How do we protect our female chatters in our online sex chat room ( ZoZo Chat ). You all knew that only zozo is the first online flash audio video chat room that provides fast and instant (IM) chatting facility to all chatters in an anonymous way. We target country, location and language based chatters.

Our ZoZo Chat room have certain offers for females. We offer them free VIP membership account in-order to protect them from abusers, spammers, strangers and people who does not treat woman’s like one of them.

Our Vip membership contain special feature that it will never allow ( NON Registered ) chatters and register chatters to Send private message or cam request to them personally.  So our Vip females can chat without any worries about abusers and spammers who try to harass them through text chat or video chat.

Just point/mention one another adult chat room that provide security to their female chatters while they do sex chat and adult chatting in their room. We are proud to help all online adult chatters to be safe when they are in new strangers chat room for some fun.

ZoZo Chat Room is always special and we monitor our chat room 24/7 all the time to keep it safe and better place for adult chatters. Few people used to say that the ZoZo Chat room admins provide VIP accounts to only for female to keep them in room and get more users into their room. But the truth is, why don’t we create fake female account with 20 VIP registered females accounts and place them in our chat room. So people can think that they are real chatters and we get more chatters. Please do not tease our works and we are helping them to be safe. If you don’t trust our works, please do not use our online chat room and fine a good place for you that satisfies your needs.

Our FAQ and Chat Guide pages shows, how zozo works and how we are helping our female chatters while they are in our sex, video chat rooms.

Feel free to contact us through our contact page for further questions and complaint. We are glad to assist you any time.


  1. well i do not feel perteckted when i cam some say mean and rude names then when i try to go back at them i get bannded for it and once i have got abused in my pm i never pmed another fem less she pm me first and say bad shit to me then make it sound like i was the bad one there i was in pm with minos he was helping me to get where i could do a screen shoot when i finely learn how to do it then it was too damn late only two people know what went down in my pm i told the girl to say what she said to me in pm on main she wouldn’t i was the one got troll in pm and the rude names i was only stating what i was called on main..

  2. mean pertected

  3. mean pertected at all

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