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Struggles of 2018

We all knew it’s very hard to run a chat site. If you are not aware of our struggles that we had in 2018. Let me break this down for you guys in pieces. Chat Development: 2017 was our best and worst year, we had to go through  lot of changes and adaptation. When we […]


Merry Christmas 2018

Christmas if finally here! And it’s always one of the best day of this year. The streets are full of lights and pretty decorations. Schools get on breaks, some people get to travel and it’s a time of peace, love, and happiness. Families get together for special meals, exchange gifts and spend time together. It’s […]


Different Types of Sex Chatters

There are different type of sex chatters in the world, everyone have a different kind of style and fantasy in sex. Here are certain types of chatters explained. Kinky Chatters: It means If you have some kind of sexual desire those are unusual and it turns you ON when you do this. There are different […]


Sex Chatters and Non Sex Chatters

There are different type of chatters in this internet world. People have different ideas and tastes. Not everyone gets into a sex chat room and look for a sex partner or to hook up with someone. We can split them under two main categories such as: ( sex chatters and non-Sex chatters ) Non Sex Chatters […]

recording sex

Recording Video while having sex with your partner is an good idea?

I think not. In your life experience, you may have encountered a porn video which was taken by some guy or girl who is in the video right? How come their personal sex video got leaked out and it’s roaming around on the internet porn sites? There are two types of couples in this world. […]