How to

Hello guys, U r still anonymous if u register


Just looks the screen shot and figure how to register in our zozo chat room


Image : 1

It shows how to register…

Click on the wrench and find the register option.


Image : 2

How to login using social accounts

We are really sorry for the trouble that we can’t allow new users to register on our site without social login. Only social login stops spammers and child porn publishers. We all do our best to keep our chat clean and safe adult chat room. 


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    I would like to register on this chat but unfortunately it’s possible just with my facebook account. My level is green but would be fantastic if I could register without facebook account, to keep my friends on chat. On sign-in window there are just two options : LOG IN using Username and Log in with your social accounts. There are no options on register as in pictures above. My facebook acount is Adam Rossi
    I would appreciate your kind support!

    Thank you for your consideration!

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