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Friendship… Love… Relationship…. Or HONEY TRAP?

Friendship… Love… Relationship…. Or HONEY TRAP…..?? What do you prefer to choose in chat rooms?


This may sound like, we are setting a trap to get some honey. But this is actually a very serious problem for everyone who fell for it. Honey trap should be re-named as (s—trap). Now you get an idea right? You might get a clear picture now what does it mean honey trap.

Yes, you are right, honey trap means setting a trap for men to fall for women by seducing or trying to be nice in-order to collect information about the victim.

You may wonder, damnn this thing is new. Nope, certainly it is not. This kind of traps were used even during world wars to spy on other nations and agencies to gather information about military base, weapons and much more. Now a days this method is used in politics too.


So, why we are talking about honey traps in chat rooms?


Well, there are a lot of issues going on, in chat rooms and internet for a long time. You may be a victim already or you gonna be future victim for this trap. So brace yourself and get ready for everything you gonna read here. These information are real and most of them have happened already.


  • Honey trap technique is used in chat rooms to gather information about certain users and sometimes they use this method to gather information about sites and chat software we have.


  • It is used to blackmail men for money or making them to do something against their will.


What is sextortion?


Check this video “

Money leads the world, which holds the extreme power in this world than anything. A large mass of people are after money in this world. Several %-percentage of people want to make a quick buck(earning money faster) without spending too much time or effort in getting money in a legal way. Criminals always want to earn money in a short way by breaking civilian laws.


Steps to avoid being a victim of honey trap


While you are chatting in our room, make sure you follow these instructions to keep out of harm’s way.


  • Make sure you are talking to a real female instead of someone who is pretending to be a real female.


  • Real females even prone to set a trap, so be very careful and keen.


  • While Sexting don’t share your real identity and your whereabouts. 18+ adult chat rooms are easy place to set trap in the name of sex chat.


  • Do not share any kind of personal information to strangers you talk through the internet.


  • Make sure what is their intention while you talk to them.


  • They act smart, bold and shower with their kindness. But everything has their own value of price to be paid.


Internet is a great place to be, but it is always a place where most of the people get tricked out. We value your privacy and safety. No matter how alluring this virtual world maybe but the bottomline is that nowadays it’s tough even to trust someone in the real world. Then, how come you trust someone whom you meet on site. You don’t know its a mind game and luck.


If you want to know more about blackmails and honey trap, check out the forum page.

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